7 Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Valentine's Day Mason Jar Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the much awaited day in the entire year by lovers from all across the world. The environment during this particular day totally changes and you can surely smell the essence of love in the air. The heart whelming gifts presented during this day will be remembered throughout the year. It is thus important to select the exact type of gift that is impressive and should pass down the message of immense love for others. Mason jars are used in various occasion and are generally used as craft items in home. Mason jars can also be used as special materials to prepare unique gift items during Valentine’s Day. Huge numbers of idea can be inculcated to provide a special type of Mason jar gift.

Here Are The 7 Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With:

Jar With Pure Love Notes

Love notes can become the special kind of attraction especially during Valentine’s Day moment. You should be aware of the methods through which you present the love notes. Take one good red color Mason jar and put some love notes written on the red velvet paper. Put all the notes in the jar and tie a love ribbon on it.

Jar with pure love notes

Best Mason Jar Candles

Are you really ready to set the stage on fire? You should better be aware of the use of Mason jar in the form of candles. Candles play a perfect role during romance moments. Take some normal color wax and melt it properly. Add some red color or good heart based theme color to this wax and gently pour it into the jar. You can use perfume in it for converting it into good smelling love jar candles.

Best Mason jar candles

Paintings On Mason Jars

Special kinds of painting can be done on the Mason jars to pass down the message to lovers. Take one Mason jar and use some specific type of color such as red and pink to paint the entire jar with it. Put some heart shape paintings to attract others. Use these jars as flower vase by inserting few flowers to it.

Paintings on Mason jars

Fabric Hearts In Jars

Collect some good red velvet color fabric and cut them into tiny heart shapes. Cut few of them and try to stick them inside the Mason jars with the help of glue. Stick few of them inside the jar and close it. Tie a red color ribbon on the lead of the jar and write a perfect type of love quote on it.

Fabric hearts in jars

Glittering Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used to provide glittering effect during night time. There are huge numbers of ideas to provide natural looking Valentine’s Day Mason jar candles. Use some glitter and few vinyl shape hearts for this purpose. Put the glitter color on the heart and place it gently inside the jar. Make few other jars and place them perfectly on a stand.

Glittering Mason jars

Red Color Heart Chocolate In Jar

Mason jars can be entirely filled with some specific sizes of red heart chocolates in it. Chocolates are very desirable kind of things that are always in demand. Collect some tiny heart shape chocolates and fill the Mason jar with these chocolates. The vibrant red color of the chocolates will fill the heart with joy and pleasure. Cover it with a lead and add a caption on it.

Red color heart chocolate in jar

Glittering Candle Jars

These are special type of gifts that are prepared at home. You can use various colors of glitters and stick them nicely on the inner part of the jars with glue. Use alternate type of glittering color and fill the inner layer of the jar. After the glittering color get dry, pour wax into it and prepare the best glittering candle.

Glittering candle jars