7 Unique Tiered Cake Ideas

Unique Tiered Cake Ideas

Cakes are one of the most delicious and mouth watering desserts which we all love to eat and enjoy. The tiered cakes are one of the most common cakes which are found around us and most of us become extremely familiar with these tiered cakes but there are a large variety of interesting and absolutely wonderful designs of tiered cakes available which are different and attractive. It is always a great idea to bake a tiered cake which is different and which stands out completely. It will be one of the best tiered cakes which you have seen in a while and more importantly the different look of these tiered cakes will be extremely refreshing for your eyes. You can choose the most attractive and appealing tiered cake design.

Some Of The Unique Tiered Cake Ideas Have Mentioned Below:

1. Painted Tiered Cake

The painted tiered cake is one of the most real looking and eye catching cakes which you can choose to celebrate with. It is one of the cakes which have a design done in a wonderful manner and which has the look which instantly catches title attention. There are some designs and looks which look from a storybook. You will come across some wonderful and absolutely stunning painted tier cake designs and you can choose the best one for your celebrations.

 Painted Tiered Cake

2. Floral Tiered Cake

The floral tiered cakes are one of the classiest and the most wonderful cakes which you can have. There are a number of interesting floral tiered cakes which are available these days. There are some designs in the floral tiered cake which are not only different but simply outstanding. These floral tiered cakes are classy, elegant and absolutely spectacular. The floral design has been done for the cake in the most stunning manner. It will be a lovely tiered cake for you.

 Floral Tiered Cake

3. Polka Dot Tiered Cake

Many of us feel that the polka dot tiered cakes are common and widely found tiered cakes. They have a very attractive look and appeal. You will come across a wide range of interesting design and styles in the tiered polka dot cakes. You can use glitter polka dots or the attractive colours for the polka dots to make the cake standout. It will be a lovely tiered cake for your celebrations and by using your creativity and presence of mind you will be able to give the cake a very different look.

Polka Dot Tiered Cake

4. Ribbon Tiered Cake

The ribbon tiered cakes look classy and attractive. They have a very different look which instantly catches the attention of the onlookers. You can choose the wonderful ribbon tiered cake for yourself. You can choose from a wide range of ribbing which can be designed differently and which can also be placed interesting cake in a very different way. This will be a wonderful and extremely different tiered cake.

Ribbon Tiered Cake

5. Animal Print Tiered Cake

Many of us have a certain idea about the animal prints and we don’t think of any other look or design in which the animal prints can be presented or used. You can break the perception of the typical animal print and have a new look for the animal prints and use the same for designing your tiered cake. It will be a refreshing change and a perfect tiered cake for the young generation. This will be a cake which will inspire many people to think differently as well.

Animal Print Tiered Cake

6. Musical Tiered Cake

Many of us are extremely fond of music. The persons who love music can hear it at all times of the day and have a great knowledge about it as well. You can choose a lovely tiered cake with a musical look for such persons. They will love the look of this cake and the manner in which the cake has been designed. You can use various musical notes, instruments and songs to ensure that this cake has a very different look and class. This will be one of the most special cakes for these music lovers.

 Musical Tiered Cake

7. Glossy Tiered Cake

The glossy tiered cakes are interesting and eye catching cakes. The glossy tiered cakes have a different kind of shine which makes them look exceptionally different and standout. There are a number of interesting and eye catching designs and styles. You can even use different finishing touches on the cake to make sure it shines and stands out from various other cakes. You can pick the best and the most innovative design and look for a lovely glossy tiered cake.

Glossy Tiered Cake

These are a few unique, interesting and extremely different tiered cake ideas. You will love to have one of these cakes for your celebrations.