7 Types Of Black And White Prom Dresses

Black And White Prom Dresses

Remember the black and white days when everything on television used to be in a combination of black and white? Wearing black and white is still in fashion and you will see a lot of women wearing them for parties, weddings and even prom nights. Speaking of prom nights, you will see a lot of girls wearing colorful prom dresses but why don’t you choose something in black and white? Black and white prom dresses look very sexy and you should definitely opt for them.

Black And White Prom Dresses

In order to choose a black and white prom dress, you need to know the different types of sexy black and white prom dresses options that are available. So, read on to find out the about the types that will suit you, your body and your personal style.

Sexy Black And White Prom Dresses

Choosing Satin Lace Black and White Prom Dresses

“Wow” is the word when you will wear a satin lace black and white prom dress. You might be wondering how a dress in satin lace would look like. The whole idea of this prom dress is that the dress will be in white satin and on top of the white dress there will be a work of black lace. It will look gorgeous in every way.

Such styles existed way back in the 50’s or 60’s when old actresses used to flaunt the satin lace gowns in ballroom dances numbers. You need to choose this dress in floor-length because a short Satin Lace Black and White Prom dress will not look too great. Such a dress will look good when it is sleeveless so choose accordingly. Make sure you tie your hair up and add a feminine touch such as a flower on your hair.

Satin Lace Black and White Prom Dresses

One Shoulder Side Splitting Black and White Prom Dress

Sexy is the word which comes to our mind when we see a side splitting one shoulder dress. This type of dress can reveal all your sexy body parts such as your legs, arms, shoulder blades and back. If you have the body to carry a one shoulder side splitting black and white prom dress, then do go for it.

The One shoulder side split type of prom dress in black and white looks very classy and is available in multiple online stores and other nearby stores in floor length. Side split black and white prom dresses have a very sexy charm to it. The boys at the prom will constantly stare at you and other girls would probably die out of jealousy.

One Shoulder Side Splitting

Black and White Halter Neck Feather Prom Dress

The black and white halter neck feather prom dress is one type we have recently seen on lots of women. This one is really popular for prom nights and even evening dates. The whole point of this dress is having a white halter neck with a feathered black bottom.

This type of dress is short and really hot. You can go for this one if you have got a sexy back and legs to die for. A belt on the waistline will be a perfect addition to it. Make sure the belt is in silver, please! You can find this type of prom dress in various online shopping portals. All you would need to do is SEARCH!

Halter Neck Feather Prom Dress

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The Black And White Lolita Prom Dress

Some girls are different in every way – the style, body type and even the way they think. Let’s not leave the gothic girls behind who cannot relate to colorful prom dresses. A Lolita prom dress can work great for them.

Black and white Lolita prom dresses have a lot of frills and a perfect combination of black and white. Laces, bows and frills – it’s all Lolita style and the fact that it looks so stylish, you should definitely go for it.

Who says it doesn’t look sexy? The boots, the stockings, the frills, the bows and the laces look completely sexy to us. And don’t forget the makeup which goes with it – it is something no guy can resist.

Black And White Lolita Prom Dress

Printed Black And White Round Collar Prom Dress

Prints are very much ‘in’ and you will notice that once you wear it yourself. Prints look great on every body type especially if you are on the heavier side. Girls on the heavier side should always go for small prints because they look beautiful and create a slimmer look.

For women who are skinny can go for large prints. Make sure you wear simple shoes with it because a lot of women do the mistake of wearing printed shoes with printed dresses. Short printed dresses look the best with round collars. V-necks and square-necks are fine but round necks look sexier. A round collar printed black and white prom dress is all you need for looking sexy in the prom night.

Round Collar Prom Dress

Black and White Ruffles Prom Dress

A black ruffle trim on a white dress or lots of white ruffles on a black dress can look really good. Such type of dresses should be short and you can go for spaghettis’ top to make it look appropriate for the prom night.

Ruffles all over the body of the dress can give a very Latin look to you and so, you should choose accordingly. Wear good shoes with it as they are really important to complete the entire look of your prom dress. By the way, ruffles are really popular among young women and you will find lots of options too.

Black and White Ruffles Prom Dress

Puffed Sleeves Black And White Polka Dot Prom Dress

Polka dots were popular before and even today women love to wear black and white polka dot dresses. The way it suits every body type and makes any girl look prettier makes it a really popular choice. If you want to wear a polka dot prom dress, then go for short length and puffed sleeves.

You need to keep in mind that puffed sleeves look good with thin arms. If your arms are heavy, do not go for puffed sleeves. Otherwise Black and white polka dot prom dresses are an amazing choice for prom nights.

Now that you are aware of the types of sexy black and white prom dresses, you might just want to pick your favorite and look pretty for the prom. Click lots of pictures and smile lots!

Polka Dot Prom Dress