7 Thoughtful Themes For Your Wife’s 30th Birthday Party

Themes For Your Wife's 30th Birthday Party

All women are very sensitive about their age. As they enter the big and bold 30s, they do not want to, generally, brag about it. But how can you let this big milestone in your spouse’s life just go by like any other ordinary day. Give her a reason to celebrate and be merry on her special day by throwing the most fabulous themed party ever. Make her bid adieu to her 20s and welcome the 30s with open arms and lot of celebrations alongside all near and dear ones. Choose from the below list of themes for kick-starting her 30s in style.

Here Are 7 Thoughtful Themes For Your Wife’s 30th Birthday Party:

1. Slumber Party

Every woman has a little child hidden in her. As she grows up, becomes a wife and then a mother, she takes on responsibilities and leaves her childhood and related fun behind her. This birthday bring back the teen in her and organize a slumber party with her girl gang. Do up a special room and convert it into a slumber zone with mattresses and tents. Get personalized matching pyjamas for all her friends and set up a photo booth to flaunt them. Leave them to stay up for an epic night and wake them up with a cheerful smile and delicious breakfast.

Slumber Party

2. Pamper Party

Pampering your wife is one of the best things you can do for her on her 30th. And what better than giving a pamper party in her honor. Invite all her girlies and give them a mini spa like experience with manicures and massages. Have fuzzy slippers arranged for all of them to move around in. Have a few girls over from her favorite salon and get different types of pedicures organised. Chocolates, candies, and cookies will make them joyful and have them rave about this party forever.

Pamper Party

3. Brunch Bunch

A brunch for the ladies is all they need to get together and gossip. It is your wife’s 30th birthday so celebrate it with panache. Give her a formal setting with an informal vibe to relax and have fun on her big day. You can give her a surprise by inviting her group of friends to a brunch place which is one of her favorite. Get her there and have everyone sing a birthday wish for her. Have the food laid out in a buffet and have sweet messages written for her next to every food item. You can arrange a photo shoot with props as well for her to enjoy brunch with her bunch.

Brunch Bunch

4. Dirty Thirty

Get naughty this birthday and celebrate your wife’s 30th with the ultimate wicked party. It is time to pop some champagne and dance on the bar. Make this thirty, real dirty. Organize a party with some naughty games and have a fabulous night with friends. Let loose and make it Vegas style. You can get a board game specially customized for the party. Also, giant Jenga or spin the bottle will be exciting to play too. Dance, drink and be merry and kiss her 20s goodbye with a lot of festivity.

Dirty Thirty

5. All That Glitters

Let’s turn all that glitters into gold for her on her big day. Throw a gold themed party where everything is shining and sparkling from the decor to the champagne. Put up a big glittery 30 at the entrance and lay down a sequined gold carpet. Get sparkly party hats and glow in the dark accessories. Put up balloons dipped in glitter and hang them all around for a twinkling outlook. You can use DIY lanterns and mason jars with fairy lights for decor as well. A gold and gorgeous three-tiered cake will be amazing to top it all.

All That Glitters

6. Beach Party

If your wife is a beach bum, this is the perfect theme for her. Wake her up in the morning of her 30th and take her for a surprise beach visit. Have her friends dress up in their best beach outfits to welcome her and give her a shout-out. Have a bunch of 30 balloons each with a unique wish in a corner alongside a table of all the fun beach props for everyone. Funky hats, glares and message placards will add to the party glamour. Watch everyone enjoy in the water and watch your woman relax and have a fantastic beach party.

Beach Party

7. Pink Power

It is the 30th. Your wife is a woman of substance and it is time to celebrate her. Have a theme on the color pink and do up all the decor in pink including sign boards, balloons, and big bows. You can also have fresh pink flowers all around like roses, carnations, etc. A pink cake and cupcakes will add to the decor. You can ask all the women to wear different shades of pink celebrating the power of pink and one powerful woman.

Pink Power