7 Things You Should Avoid To Wear While Dressing Up For Wedding

7 Things You Should Avoid To Wear While Dressing Up For Wedding

Wedding is a time of full enjoyment and fun for the relatives and friends of both bride and groom. For females, this is a occasion of having some unforgettable moments while dancing, dressing and taking part in different activities associated with the marriage function. However, many times, females especially teenage girls find themselves in an embarrassing situation while the dress, shoes and other accessories for the function. If you too are in confusion in choosing your dress for the upcoming marriage function of your special relative or friend then don’t worry anymore about it.

As Here You Will Get 7 Amazing Dressing Tips Which Will Make Your Dressing Style Charming And Attractive On Your Upcoming Wedding Event:

1. Avoid White Dress But Go For Pink:

If you’re planning to wear white dress or ivory color dress on your friend’s wedding function then quickly change your dress color because white dress on many marriages are chosen by brides as a bridal dress and if you wear same dress on that party then her family members may feel uncomfortable with your dress. However, if you want to wear light color dress then you must opt for light colors like pink or pastels as such colors dresses also looks stunning and pleasant for marriage functions.

Avoid White Dress But Go For Pink

2. Go For Blue Dress Instead Of Black One:

If you want to wear black dress on upcoming wedding occasion then drop this idea for a while because your idea of wearing black color dress may harm someone religious feeling as many people are quite superstitious during such events. However, you can choose blue dress instead of black dress for the upcoming wedding function as it will also highlight your beauty very effectively on the party. Even if you possess great urge to wear black dress only then you must go for a dress having ruffles as it will also flouncy and flowing on your friend’s wedding function.

Go For Blue Dress Instead Of Black One

3. Avoid Short And Skin Revealing Dresses:

If you’re planning to short or skin revealing dresses on your friend or your relative wedding party then definitely you’re taking a wrong decision because such dresses are considered to be inappropriate for marriage functions and other gathering. It is a fact that such dresses gives a sexy look to its wearer but they’re designed for prom nights not for wedding parties. Still, if you’re not in favor of wearing full length dress then you can also go for knee length outfits for the wedding function.

Avoid Short And Skin Revealing Dresses

4. Always Wear Sandals Or Close Shoes:

On wedding like celebrations, wearing of flip flops with any stylish dress is never recommended even by fashion designers because such flip flops look awkward on such events and they also makes its wearer uncomfortable while walking to the stage. It is therefore advisable for the females to wear sandals or close shoes having wedges with your wedding outfits including long dresses too on upcoming wedding celebration of your friend so as to represent yourself as a center of attraction there.

Always Wear Sandals Or Close Shoes

5. Avoid Wearing Denim:

There are many wedding parties which are based on any specific theme and the hosts always expects the interesting dress codes from the guest as per theme and venue of the party but unfortunately many couples breaks the idea of keeping such theme with their unusual dress codes like denim’s shorts and tops or t-shirts etc. However, you can easily avoid such misunderstanding by wearing formal trousers even if you’re not familiar with the dress code assigned for the wedding theme party as such trousers are acceptable on all types of parties.

 Avoid Wearing Denim

6. Never Try Playsuits:

Many females loves to wear playsuits on a wedding function so as to grab attention of every guests on the party but such playsuits are only meant for a destination beach party not for a traditional marriage function. In fact, the host of the marriage party always expects decent dressing from his or her guest on a wedding function which you can’t represent with your playsuit. However, you can opt for the tailored 2 piece jumpsuits so as to attain a stylish and iconic look on the wedding party along with some adorable jewelry if you want to be a centerpiece there.

 Never Try Playsuits

7. Don’t Wear Backless Dress:

If you want to wear backless dress on the wedding function of your best friend then this not a good idea even though backless dresses are eye-catching. It is because, backless dresses are unsuitable for traditional wedding function and not appreciated by the seniors. But, if you want to highlight your beauty with unique pattern dress then you can go for deep neck and strapless outfits on your friend’s marriage function as they are both gracious and sensuous for all theme wedding parties.

 Don’t Wear Backless Dress