7 Terrific Themes For Your Husband’s 30th Birthday Party

Themes For Your Husband's 30th Birthday Party

It’s the big 3-0! Although everyone says it is just a number, we all know, it is a big deal. It is a mixed emotion as the 20s are ending but just the beginning of the 30s. You start acting more responsible and immaturity becomes a thing of the past. However, this one day, let your man dive deep into the youthfulness of the 20s and freshness of the 30s by throwing him a fun-filled birthday party. It is no secret that you want everything to be perfect for your partner so choose from the below mentioned themes to make it a grand success.

Here Are 7 Terrific Themes For Your Husband’s 30th Birthday Party:

1. Poker Party

A Poker Party will have your husband kicking. Arrange for an exciting tournament full of friends, fun and frolic. You can send out save the dates and e-invites based on this theme with prints of cards and poker chips along with necessary details. Have the decor done in red, black, and white denoting a perfect setup for poker. Put up 3D cut-outs of playing cards, poker tokens, and dice. The crockery and other disposables can be arranged in the same colors for added effects. The birthday cake made on poker theme will be apt.

Poker Party

2. Cool Camping

A camping scene for the men will be a great idea. You can have everything arranged for this day out. A day in the wilds by the lake will have your spouse and his buddies all excited and enthusiastic. Give them fishing rods and stuff that they will need to light up and cook their catch. Tents and covers will also aid in case of a weather turn around. Pack all food and drinks that will make this 30th birthday happening for your husband.

Cool Camping

3. Games Galore

Since it is your husband’s 30th, it ought to be entertaining. A games night is what spells entertainment and fun. Bring back their childhood with twister, monopoly, and the likes. You can arrange for Jenga, foosball or beer pong as well for some men drama. A PSP or Xbox games tournament will have the night rolling with fun and laughter. Snacks, drinks and a 30th birthday cake is all you will need for achieving an awesome gaming night and an extremely happy birthday boy.

Games Galore

4. Movie Night

If you have a home theater or a terrace at home, this will be a suitable theme for his big day. You can have a projector set up and screen one of your husband’s all-time favorite movies. Popcorn and colas are a must. To make this different, you can have their labels with your husband’s name on it. For example, if his name is Pete, you can have the labels saying “Pete’s 30th Birthday Bash”. You can arrange for a low seating with comfortable cushions to relax and enjoy the experience.

Movie Night

5. Karaoke Klub

Who does not like Karaoke? You can book a Karaoke bar for his 30th Birthday and give him a surprise by inviting all his friends over there. Have a nice backdrop designed and put up behind the stage which will make amazing videos. You can plan a tournament with the best winning a prize. Have a compilation of your hubby’s favorite songs to choose from so that he enjoys every song that is sung and played and hums away all night. Alternatively, you can have a karaoke night set up at home as well if you have the necessary equipment for it. For sure, it will be a night to remember.

Karaoke Klub

6. Pool Party

A sun downer at your farmhouse will be epic for your partner’s big 30. You can let everyone know in advance about the them so that they are dressed and well equipped with all that is necessary to carry along. Call your husband there by surprise and have his friends waiting for him already. As soon as he enters, his friends will throw him into the pool to kick-start the party. Loud music played by the DJ, food and drinks served by the butlers, a barbecue setup are all the ingredients you need for a perfect pool party.

Pool Party

7. Masquerade Madness

If you want to get formal and celebrate your husband’s milestone birthday in style, you can plan for a masquerade party. Have the dress code as black tie and invite all friends and family over. You can have a game played at the party where the husbands have to recognize their wives behind the masks. It will be fun to have everyone fumble and laugh all night. You can have the masks of Hollywood couples for adding some glamour to the party.

Masquerade Madness