7 Lovely Baby Shower Favour Ideas

Lovely Baby Shower Favour Ideas

One of the greatest joys in the world would be welcoming a new life. It is probably the best thing which can happen to you. We all love celebrating the new life which will soon be in existence and which will be very much a part of your life. We often throw parties and celebrate the great news. One of the most common parties which are hosted before the birth of the baby is the baby shower party. It is an extremely important party and plays a vital role in the life of the soon to be parents. One of the major concerns of the baby shower party is the favour which you will be giving to all the guests attending the party. There are a number of interesting and absolutely wonderful ideas for the baby shower favours for your party.

Some Of The Best And Most Attractive Baby Shower Favours Have Mentioned Below:

1. Nail Colours

As females we all love decorating and enhancing the look of our nails using nail colours. We love using different colours and styles of nail colours which help on making our nails look much more attractive and appealing. As baby shower favours you can choose to please your guests with the nail colours. You can give them a nice shade of nail colour. If you want you can also choose to get the nail colour bottle personalized. Your guests will simply love this lovely favour.

Nail Colours

2. Jar Of Candies

Candies are one of those things which a child will never have or refuse to take. In fact most of the elders love to munch on to candies and enjoy themselves completely. You can have a selection of candies put in a jar and given away as your baby shower favours. You will completely love this concept. You can choose an interesting and attractive jar for giving away these candies. There are a wide range of interesting jars which are available and you can pick the best one.

Jar Of Candies

3. Pack Of Popcorn

Pop corns are one of the healthiest and best snacks which you can choose to have. In facts popcorn so are one of the few snacks which is even loved by children. For your baby shower you can choose to give away popcorn as the baby shower favours. The pop corn can be put in neatly in packets for the guests. In fact you can also get these packets personalized and done according to your choice and preference. You will simply love this whole concept.

Pack Of Popcorn

4. Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are one of those things which we all need and use at home. You can choose to give the bottle openers as a baby shower favour to the guests attending your baby shower. These days there are a wide range of interesting and eye catching bottle openers available in different shapes, looks and sizes. You can decorate these bottle openers in the best possible way and give them away as a baby shower favours.

Bottle Opener

5. Glasses

We all use a wide range of interesting and appealing glasses at home. Every glass has its own purpose and use. You can choose to have these wonderful glasses as favours for your baby shower. These will be one of the most useful and attractive baby shower favour. You can choose the type of glass which you will need for the favour and you can also choose to get them personalized in the best possible manner. There are a number of interesting ways to get the glasses personalized and you can choose the best one.


6. Plants

Plants are one of the best and the most environment friendly things which we have around us. We all have plants at home and we live enhancing the look of our home with these wonderful things. They add beauty and attractive look to our homes. You can have these small plants as baby shower favour for your guests. Your guests will love these favours and they will be one of the most attractive and different baby shower favours for your guests.


7. Candles

Candles are one of those things which we all use at home. We love to use candles to decorate and enhance the look of our wonderful homes. These days there are a wide range of absolutely lovely candles available which are designed in the best way. You can choose these lovely candles as baby shower favours for your guests. It will be a nice thought and it will also be a useful gift for all your guests.


These are a few lovely baby shower favour ideas for your wonderful guests. All your guests will love these thoughtful favours.