7 Foods For Birthday Party Celebrations

Birthdays are always fun and exciting. However, what’s more exciting is the food fare. The guests, in any party, including a birthday party, only remember one thing at the end of the event, and that is the food.

Foods For Birthday Party Celebrations

If you have an upcoming birthday bash to throw for yourself or for any loved one in the family, then make sure you have all the right kinds of food to do the trick and win the hearts of your guests.

For this, you need not resort to any fancy cook book, but simply follow the basics. Use a little amount of innovation and creativity around these basics to make the event look fancy, yet an informal event. This will make all your invitees feel special, at the same time the party will have that casual feel as well.

If you are thinking too much about the food fare, then stop and follow the famous five. These five foods will give you an idea of what all comprises in a birthday menu and you can plan accordingly.

Birthday Party Celebrations Foods


There could be no celebration without a cake. Whether it’s a birthday, marriage, anniversary or simply a party, the celebratory feel to nay party is brought in by a cake. If baking is your forte, then you are definitely in luck.

You can choose a cake, which suits your birthday theme and bake a cake that looks festive and appealing enough to make your guests drool. If the birthday is for a child, choose a gems cake, where a chocolate cake, well iced with chocolate ganache, is simply decorated with colorful gems or colored sprinkles.

For an adult, choose a black forest and an elaborate fresh fruit cake. The wide array and variety of cut fruits over the iced cake will make the cake beautiful and uplift the party feel too.



Now we are talking! It’s not in fashion to directly dive onto the main course. A birthday bash should be more of snacks, where the people or your guests get to gossip and socialize in-between. Get some vegetarian and non-vegetarian nibbles for your guests to munch on.

There should be varieties in each. Let the vegetarian ones be vegetable mini-cutlets and soya kebabs, while include cheese and chicken fritters and fish pies for non-vegetarian platter.

If you have less number of main course items, then including more than 2 varieties in your appetizer platter will be good idea. Don’t forget to serve them with dips and ketchups.



Depending upon what your guests would like, you should plan the drinks. If it’s a children’s party, then include fruit punch or colas to keep up with their playful spirit. If the party has more of the oldies, then having fresh and healthy fruit juices will be good idea.

If permitted, have alcohol in your adult’s party. Drinks always go well with both appetizers and the main course. Just make sure people don’t overdo their drinks consumption, or else they might skip the main course and you don’t want them to do that!



This works well with the children and the adults as well. However, make it noodles, if it’s a children’s party and make it rice, if it’s an adult’s. Children love noodles, so make it a bit colorful, with lots of fresh veggies and cheese.

You can make it dry or with gravy, provided you plan to skip a gravy side dish. The same goes for rice as well. However, depending upon the choice of your guests and the availability of raw ingredients, you can plan to make fried rice, pulao or biriyani.

Make the dish with brown rice, if the birthday bash is for the oldies. You don’t want anybody to go home with heart burn. Don’t forget to keep a check on your oil content as well.


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Curd Based Dips

Curd saves a lot of time in fixing up dish. Whether it for making curd based dips for your appetizers or making raita, with boondi or cucumber, the curd saves time and effort. Prepare mint and coriander based dips with curd and make raita, if you have pulao or biriyani as the main rice dish.

Curd Based Dips

Gravy Based Side Dish

Depending upon the preference of your invitees, you can make either a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian gravy dish. However, just make sure it goes well with your chosen rice or noodle dish.If you have opted for Chinese noodles or fried rice, then choosing a sweet and sour vegetable or Chinese Manchurian or chicken chili will be good.

You can prepare any other favorite gravy dish as well. However, if it’s a pulao, then making Indian gravy dishes like matar paneer, or chole or butter chicken might sound good.

If your rice is biriyani, then try bagare baingan or mirchi ka salan to match with it. Do remember to serve the curd based dips or raita, so that your guests can have it without gasping for fresh air.

If you want or time permits, you can incorporate two side dishes, one vegetarian and non-vegetarian to serve with the noodles or fried rice or pulao. This way your guests will have options.

Gravy Based Side Dish


Dessert remains crucial finale of any birthday party. Though there is a cake, but that does not make up for the birthday party dessert. Plus you don’t want your guests to gossip about you not feeding a proper-proper dessert. Once the food theme is chosen, then make the dessert in accordance to the chosen theme.

For instance, if you served Indian kebabs for appetizers, pulao and Indian gravy based side dish, then try to serve Indian dessert at the end. Have gulab jamun or gajar halwa. You can choose the latter in winters, when the vegetable is more seasonal.

However, if you had served English appetizers like nuggets and cutlets, with noodles and some similar side dish, then serving an English dessert or some non-Indian dessert will be nice to look at.

If it’s a children’s party, include a trifle pudding. You can choose a layer of cake, a layer of custard and some fresh fruits to top it up. Or you can also serve fresh fruits with cream, if trifle pudding sounds too heavy.

Serving mini tarts to the oldies in their kind of birthday party is also a good idea. Keep the dessert part less fancy and relatively healthier, than you would in the youngster’s party.