7 Cute And Easy DIY Sewn Gift Ideas


Are you one of those people who love to sew and just cannot make enough of them? In case you feel that you’re piling it all up a little too much, why don’t you use your skill to make others happy? Put up something together for your family and friends and help make their day! You don’t have to be an expert at sewing to create something amazing. A little efforts would be enough.

There are some pretty easy DIY sewn crafts here that you could easily make to gift anyone. Moreover, gifts that you create mean a lot more than the ones you buy at stores. Read on to have a look at some of the simplest crafts that you could sew and gift.

Here Are The 7 Cute And Easy DIY Sewn Gift Ideas:

1. Pom Pom Scarf

Scarves always come in handy. People use it to bare the cold and some use it as a stylish accessory. So, taking one and making it prettier would be an excellent idea for a birthday gift. Pom Pom Scarves are not only super cute but also easy to make. Its better to use this tool called the Pom Pom maker since its a lot faster.

You have two semi-circles here to help you make a pom pom. Open the Pom Pom maker and start by wrapping some yarn around the first semi-circle. Cover it fully to make it look puffy. Do the same on the other side. Use a different colored yarn if you want to make double shaded pom-poms. After you’re done, you need to close in the semicircles and cut along the center of both of them. Tie a thread around the entire yarn to secure it. Pull the tool apart and cut out the extra yarn to have a nicely shaped pom-pom. Make as many of these as you would like and just sew them on to the ends of the scarf!


2. Phone Case

Now, we all have our phones lying around and at times, they tend to get dirty. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had someone make us a nice pretty case for it? That’s what you’re gonna do. Be that someone and help your loved ones out! You can easily sew a phone case with some cloth. You’ll need some printed cloth, whichever pattern you need your phone case to be, some interface and lining pieces.

Firstly, sketch out the outline of your phone on paper and then sketch out a larger boundary for the case. Cut two pieces of cloth using this and iron it. Sew the interface pieces on both of them. Then, sew on one side with the lining and then use some sponge or cloth to stuff it. Sew all sides and repeat the same on the other side. Sew both pieces of cloth together. You can make a flap to open it, using the same method and sew it on to one side of the cloth. Attach some Velcro to get it working and you’re done! In case you don’t want that, you could stitch up a button too.


3. Headband

Attending a baby shower and want to give out something really pretty and cute? Try a sewn headband! Babies look really adorable with those pretty little headbands and there can never be enough of them. Well, like they say, “The more, the merrier”, right? To make this, take a piece of cloth of a pretty pattern and cut out the width and height, twice the size of the actual size of the headband you’ll be creating. Fold it in half horizontally and vertically and cut out a tie shape. Leave out the part where you have to fold over for the elastic. Sew two sides of the cloth to get a single piece. After you’re done, just knot it up!

You could make another headband by getting a fold over elastic and sewing some handmade rosettes onto them!


4. Hand Warmers

It’s such a tedious task to haul ourselves to work in the morning everyday. The cold outside makes us simply want to stay in bed, curl up and keep ourselves warm. Well, hand warmers come in handy here! The person you’d gift it to would be so grateful for this!

All you need to do is cut out some plain cotton cloth, two squares, and sew them up, leaving one side open. After you’re done, fill in some rice and sew the other side up. Now you can move on to the outer cover. Take a bigger cloth and sew it up. Leave one side open so that the cover can be changed if required. Put in the rice bag and you’re done! While giving it away, just tie a ribbon around it.


5. Pillow Bed

Kids are going to love you for gifting them this! Pillow beds are so much fun and can be used for so many things! They are so comfortable to sleep on but can also be folded and used as chairs. Kids even create forts out of these! You’re going to be amazed at how simple these are to make!

All you need for this are some flat sheets and pillows! Take a large flat sheet of any color you want. Fold it vertically in half. After this, divide the flat sheet into four sections or more, depending on the number of pillows you want to use by chalking it out. Once you do this, sew on all the sections, put in the pillows and sew it up again! There you go, you have a comfy pillow bed for some lucky kid!


6. Belts For Kids

Everyone wants their kids to have the best of things. The belts that you buy for kids at stores might be irritable to the skin and cause discomfort to the kid. So, why not sew a belt yourself? You never would have imagined that sewing a kids’ belt would be this easy.

You’ll need to get the waist measurements of the kid that you’re gonna make the belt for. Take a soft fabric and cut out the length measured. Cut another fabric of the same size and sew them both together. You could use some fleece to keep it steady. On one end, fold in a little bit of the fabric to create a little space and sew it. Just fit this into the D ring and you’re done!


7. Sleep Mask

Moms love these! With all those chores done throughout the day, running behind the kids and work stress, all they need is sleep when they can grab it! Sleep masks are so comfortable and help a great deal for people who have trouble falling asleep. Make one of these for your mom on Mother’s Day and she’ll be delighted!

For this, you’ll need to cut out a sleep mask outline of the size that you want. You’ll have to cut out two pieces of cloth. You could use the felt fabric in the middle to make it cushion-y. Sew the felt fabric on to the cloth. Repeat the same for the other piece of cloth. After you’re done, you’ll have to sew both the cloth pieces, leaving a tiny gap to fit in the elastic. Lastly, sew the elastic in on both sides through the gap and finish it.