7 Brilliant DIY Harry Potter Merchandise That Would Make Perfect Gifts


Make Perfect Gifts

We all remember that magical moment when we first held that Harry Potter book in our hands and started our journey into that beautiful world. We read the books, and watched the movies, series after series, until it all ended, leaving our hearts broken. We can still look back on all the excitement where we role played and cast spells on our friends. Well, it doesn’t have to stop. Most of us would have started reading the series after one of our friends would have introduced it to us. Although we can never thank them enough for doing that, here’s a cute way to express your gratitude: Make them some Harry Potter merchandise and surprise them on their birthday! Keep the magic alive and share the Potter love.

Here Are A Few DIY Harry Potter Merchandise Which Would Make Perfect Gifts

1. Luna’s Weird Radish Earrings

Luna left us all intrigued. One of the many things that caught our eye about her were her radish earrings. If you have a friend who fancies her too, then make her happy with these DIY Radish Earrings! You can make them out of beads or clay, whichever you find more attractive or easy. Let us look into the clay method. You’ll need clays of 3 different colors for the radish – green, dark pink and white. Mold them all into separate balls carefully. Place the white ball on top of the pink one and make a single sphere. Pinch the tip of the white clay to make roots. Make clove shaped leaves out of the green clay and attach it on top of the pink one. Take a small piece of wire and put it through a earring hooks and insert it into the clay and bake it for a while so it all holds together. There you go! You have a nice pair of radish earrings to give away!

Luna's Weird Radish Earrings

2. The House Scarf

It is a must to own a Harry Potter scarf and show off your house. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin – you can make a scarf for any of the houses. Here’s a pretty easy way with minimum requirements to make one. You’ll need a couple of straws, duct tape and obviously, some yarn. Take a straw, insert the yarn thread through it and take it out through the other end. Glue it with a duct tape and take the yarn through another straw. Do this for about six to straws, depending on the thickness that you want. After you’re done, wrap the yarn around the straws, over and under, until you almost cover it all. Pull the straws when they’re almost covered and continue weaving. Change colors when necessary. Weave until you get the desired length of the scarf and tie the ends. Cut off the straws and lay out the ready scarf.

The House Scarf

3. The Magic Wand

You didn’t obviously think that we’d leave out the wand now, did you? All those spells that we cast, holding our breaths and wishing it would work, all those times we tapped on walls hoping they’d give way. So yes, there has to be a wand in this list. You can make it using an actual stick or just some paper! Let us start off with the first method. Take a smooth stick and cut it to the length that you want to. You can sharpen the ends with sand paper. On one end, you can accessorize it by gluing some beads or any other ornaments. After you’re done, just paint it! If you’re looking for a safer option, it’s best to use paper. Take an A4 sized sheet and start rolling it from the sides. Glue it to the last end. Take another piece of paper, roll it tighter and insert it in the first roll. Glue the ends, decorate them and paint the wand!

The Magic Wand

4. The Sign Board Of Magical Lands

Who wouldn’t love a board in their room giving off directions to numerous magical places? This craft is pretty tough compared to the others. You’ll need to work with wood and nails. So, it’s important to be careful while you’re at it. Get some wood scraps and cut them into arrow-shaped boards. You’ll need another long piece of log to serve as base for all the sign boards. After you’re done with this, start off with the painting. Write the destinations on the different arrows – “Hogsmeade”, “Forbidden Forest”, whatever you want! Lastly, screw all the arrows on to the base and you’re done!

The Sign Board Of Magical Lands

5. The Mirror Of Erised

What could be a more elegant gift than the Mirror of Erised? It not only makes a great Harry Potter merch but also proves to come in really handy, especially if your friend likes checking their reflection every now and then. You can make this out of cardboard. First, you’ll need to get your measures right. Get the dimensions of the mirror and cut the outline on the cardboard using a box cutter. At the top, you’ll need to make the sketches according to the descriptions in the movie or book. Make it like a dome or something so it looks ancient. Add in a few letters in some foreign language. Paint it grey or gold and then glue it firmly to the mirror. You now have successfully managed to create a beautiful mirror!

 The Mirror Of Erised

6. Monster Book Of Monsters

Creep your friends out with the Monster Book of Monsters. Yes, you can do it yourself! The eyes and all the weird looking features! All you need is some good molding skills. You’ll need a regular book to act as the base. A fat one is recommended since it’d look even better. Now, we need to make the book look all monsterly and covered with fur. For the fur, you can rip some fur off your old coat or elsewhere. And for the eyes of the monster, you could use the eyes of some old teddy bears that you have lying around at home. You’ll even get them at a craft store. You will need a clay to make the mouth part. Take some red clay, mold it into something like an oval and make holes in it at intervals. Make some canines out of white clay and stick them in the holes. Glue the fur, eyes and the mouth and you’re done!

Monster Book Of Monsters

7. Howler

Surprise your friend with a birthday Howler! Well, although its used to give someone a scolding, you could use it to slip a birthday note inside and make everyone yell Happy birthday the moment it is opened. A Howler is very easy to make and all you need is a few simple things. Cut out a square of red cardboard paper and fold it into a triangle. Make another triangle out of it. Open them all and fold them inwards along the corners to the middle. Pull them out and curl the ends. Stick a note inside with the message you want. Draw a few zig zag lines and cut out two strips of white teeth. Glue them across the corners of the Howler. For the tongue, just stick a ribbon on the inside.