7 Brilliant DIY Food Costumes For Halloween

When it’s Halloween, all of us want to stand out from the crowd. We want our weird stories to be repeated among family and friends. Halloween is all about fun and is an excellent opportunity for you to try out new things. Have you run out of all options and looking for something new? Well, what’s more interesting and fun than dressing up as food? You can choose from a wide range of selection and they would all look cute! Plus, this theme is sure to go down in the history of your loved ones. Instead of shopping for dresses every year, try something different this time. Get your hands dirty and make them yourself! It will be totally worth it.

Here Are Some Of The Cutest Halloween Food Costumes Which You Can Create.

1. Popcorn Costume

Well, we all love munching on popcorn. Why not dress like it? You need very few accessories for this costume. Take some plain white paper and crush them into paper balls. These will be serving as popcorn for your dress. So, make them the size you want to. After you’re done, just paint them all a buttery yellow, just the way that popcorn looks. However, don’t paint them wholly yellow. We never see a totally even colored popcorn, do we? Leave out some white spots. You could also use spray paints. After this, glue all the pieces to a white t-shirt. A crop top would make it hot! Pair it up with a red and white striped skirt and its done!

Popcorn Costume

2. Cupcake Costume

Cupcakes are simply adorable! Make yourself look yum by dressing up as a cupcake. For this, you’ll need a tub. Choose the appropriate size that you require for your costume and cut out the base. Now, take some cardboard paper and make folds like frills. You can use the color you want your cupcake to be. Wrap this around the tub and glue it firmly. For the frosting, you can use poly fill. Gather some poly fill and stick it to the lip of the tub. Remember to leave out some space in the middle to fit yourself in. Cover the frosting with some tulle to prevent it from falling out and make the sprinkles using color paper. Glue it to the tulle. If your tub has handles, cover it up with ribbons or more color paper. You can even wear a candle by decorating a toilet paper roll and gluing it to your headband. Stick some rectangular strips of paper to the other and wear the band on your head

Cupcake Costume

3. Pineapple Costume

This is probably the simplest Halloween Costume that you could make. All you need to get done are the leaves on the top which you will be wearing on your head. Two ways of making this will be explained here. The first one is where you take green cardboard paper and just cut out some leaves. Cut out about 4 sizes to fit around a cylindrical cardboard tube. You can curl the leaves by slightly bending them. Glue them around the tube, starting with the largest leaves and moving on to the smaller ones. Glue this to a headband and you’re done. In the other method, you’ll be cutting the leaves out of a cloth. Cut out leaves from two triangles cut out of a square cloth and then just roll them all up, gluing them as you proceed. Fix a cardboard tube on the inside and glue to a headband. Pair this up with any pineapple yellow dress.

 Pineapple Costume

4. Sushi Costume

Now you’re probably thinking that you’ll be needing endless number of craft items for this. Well, all that you will have to buy is some cardboard paper and you got the rest at home! Take a pillow and tie both corners of a side to make it look like a fish. Let the pillow case be any color resembling meat. Paint some scales on them. Next, you’ll be making a wasabi headband. Make some rectangular cuts on the cardboard paper, leaving the ends and glue it to a green bath sponge. Now, glue these both to a headband. Wear any white piece of clothing and tie the pillow on the your back and wear the headband. You could also cut out some rectangular strips of paper and stick them on the sides for cucumber strips.

Sushi Costume

5. Cotton Candy Costume

Cotton Candy makes us all drool. The costume that you’ll be making now will do that too! You just need lots of cotton and some cardboard. Take a tank top and glue cotton all over it. You’ll need your clothes to be pink for this. Let it dry for a day. Meanwhile, make a cone out of cardboard. You’ll be doing this for your hat. Stick cotton on it in whichever patterns you wish to, makes holes at the sides and tie satin tapes to both of them. Spray paint the cotton that you’ve glued to the cone and the tank top. Pair this with cute pink shoes and pants and you’ll be looking as sweet as any candy!

Cotton Candy Costume

6. Donut Costume

Donut is everyone’s favorite dessert. Also, dressing up as one would come in really handy if you are headed to a pool party. Take a tube, inflate it and paint it all over. You can paint a separate color for the frosting. After you’re done, roll up some batting and use them as sprinkles. Glue these on the frosting. Make a neck strap and put it on. There you go, you have a donut costume! You can also make this with the help of cardboard. You’ll just have to cut it out and roll it in a piece of fabric, stuffing foam batting inside. After this, you can decorate it the way you want to. Pick whichever suits you best.

Donut Costume

7. Bag Of Jelly Beans Costume

Be it adults or kids, jelly beans are appealing to everyone. The materials that you require for this costume are pretty cheap and easily available. You definitely wouldn’t have thought that the garbage bag would help you look cute. Well, it plays a major role here. Buy balloons of different colors and blow them up. Take a transparent garbage bag and cut out holes for arms, neck and legs. Now, fill it halfway with those balloons which make up the jelly beans. Do not stack the balloons up as it will make it difficult for you to move around. Lastly, print out a label for the jelly beans and stick it on the bag.

Bag Of Jelly Beans Costume