7 Birthday Gifts For A Teenage Girl

Birthday Gifts For A Teenage Girl

Birthday Gifts For A Teenage Girl

In case you have a teenage girl and wondering what you should gift to her on this birthday, or you are thinking what you can gift to your BFF in school, the following part of this is sure to help you out. While it is much easier to gift the younger (kids) girls as we know they will prefer to have cute dolls (or Barbie), flowery party dresses, fairy tales book or other soft toys; it quite takes your time when you are thinking of a gift that will be liked by her.

There is a huge choice for this and you can either follow what has been advised here, or gift something similar to this to the little woman. The ones given below are not just meant for birthdays, but they are helpful for the girl later as well. You can also have a bunch of some of these items and neatly decorate them in a basket to surprise your girl.

Ideas For Teenage Girl Birthday Gifts


IPod For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift

This isn’t as costly as you are thinking. Teenagers surely love music and girls always want to listen to either soothing soft songs or their favorite rock band. Hence, this gadget that is an excellent store for their favorite albums will surely be among their top preference.


This is for both the need of staying in contact with your girl and also buying her an amazing handset. Smartphones, especially touchscreens are very much popular and your grown-up girl can stay in touch with her friends, watch movies, listen to songs and surf the internet on her smartphone.

Smartphone For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift

Lip Gloss

Your friend is sure to love this one and try it immediately on her lips, if it is going well with her dress. You can buy flavored ones like strawberry and other fruity flavors. Every girl loves to have glossy and smooth lips that shine.

Lip Gloss For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift

Buy Her Favorite Album

This is too a good idea of a gift for the teenage girl. You can buy her favorite band’s latest album or of her most favorite artist. Think of buying the ones that include romantic numbers like ‘It Girl’ by Jason Derulo or ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ by Lenka.

Favorite Album For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift

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Nail Polish Or A Set Of Mini Nail Polish

This is for the one who loves to have vibrant or soft colors on her nails and keeps changing almost regularly. You can either buy the recent shade of, say, Lakme or a set of mini nail polishes.

Nail Polish For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift

Body Wash

Gift her a flavored or fragrant body wash and she is sure to love it. Teenage girls, though not always, yet want to use all the cute and beautiful things for their skin and face. They want to look good and feel happy about it. Hence, gifting things like this is perfect. There are of different flavors like strawberry, apple, mint, vanilla, cherry, etc. and you can pick any.

Body Wash For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift


Be it a woman or a young girl, they all love accessories. Hence you can gift her precious pearls, pendants, earrings, etc. and she is going to love it.

Pendants For Teenage Girl Birthday Gift