7 Amazing Birthday Presents For Toddlers

Amazing Birthday Presents For Toddlers

Picking the perfect gifts for kids can be difficult because we have to fulfill their wish lists. Their expectations from us are always high, looking at the package in our hands with those innocent yet hopeful eyes. Whether the gift is for our own or our little one’s friends, we ought to hit the bulls-eye. It has to be something valuable and at the same time useful for the child for him or his parents to remember for a long time. Thus, you can choose birthday presents that will be perfect for gifting toddlers from the below mentioned list.

Here Are 7 Amazing Birthday Presents For Toddlers:

1. Swing

When we were kids, we loved to play on the swing all day without interruptions. A swing is an integral part of everyone’s childhood. It is the first thing that parents think of to divert a child’s mind from mischief and distress. Hence, this will prove to be a great gifting idea for toddlers. You can give a wooden or hard-plastic swing which can be hung in the doorway. Parents can use the swing while feeding the children as well which can then be an easy process. All in all, a swing is a unique yet entertaining option.


2. Indoor Pool

Kids and water go hand in hand. Almost every child loves to play in water, splashing it all over the place and giggling his heart out. This birthday, give a toddler a swimming pool which can be used indoors and can be folded and easily stored when not in use. These indoor pools come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose a funky animal shape or a usual round pool. Whatever the appearance, the kid is sure to love playing in it with his parents and water toys. There are also ball pools available where the pool is not filled with water, however, it is filled with soft plastic balls. Kids can lie down, roll or jump in it to their heart’s content.

Indoor Pool

3. Bags

Bags seem to be more of a gift for parents than for their little ones. Nonetheless, they seem to be one of the most useful gifts till date. Kids are always on the go either attending some birthday party or simply going to the garden. For such events, parents need to pack some stuff and carry bags along which are always required. Also, suitcases for kids are also available with cartoon characters that can be gifted for holidays which are sure to stand out and be noticeable.


4. Tricycle

A tricycle is something we have seen all kids use and ride. A toddler of any age can use a tricycle. For younger ones, we can purchase tricycles that come with walkers. These can be initially used for helping the child walk and later on, as he nears the age of 2, he can start riding it. All toddlers have a tendency to love the tricycle whether they ride it at home or any play area. There are advanced ones which come with light and sound thus, enticing the child and making it a more fun experience.


5. Lego Set

Some parents are of the opinion that whether a child is at play, his mind should be open to grasp and learn new things and ways of life. A Lego set helps children to apply their minds in this direction. They can build models of cars, houses, buildings and the likes. Of course, with some help from parents, their imagination can run in all directions and can be put into practice. Don’t be surprised to see what all your little toddler can think and make.

Lego Set

6. Creative Sets

There are many creative sets available in the market which can be good for passing time efficiently and prove to be great birthday gifts. They teach the child to be innovative and help to develop an open-mind which is a natural process. Quilling Set, Glass painting, Clay dough, Greeting card making, Weaving factory, are some of the kits that these tiny tots can use and learn a lot from. Their parents will be appreciative of you for getting them these creativity boosters.

Creative Sets

7. Customized Gifts

Customization is the order of the day and the latest fad in gifting. It is loved by parents of birthday boys and girls as it is a very thoughtful way of presenting things. You can simply give a t-shirt with the kid’s name written on it or an entire stationery set with his initials. A lap desk with his name on it or a bag with his favorite Disney character can be customized and gifted to toddlers.

Customized Gifts