60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th Birthday Party Ideas All of us wait the entire year for that very special day when we were born that is our birthday! Irrespective of the age and gender, birthdays happen to be an exciting day for all and our family and friends plan different and new things to make our day unique and fun-filled.

When it comes to celebrating a 60th birthday party, which is a milestone in itself, you must ensure that everything is absolutely perfect and just the way the birthday ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ would like it to be! These 60th birthday party ideas will surely make your party a super success.

Ideas For 60th Birthday Party 

Organize A Grand Party

Not everyone is lucky enough to witness their 60th birthday and whoever does, deserves a grand party with wonderful celebrations. Make sure to invite all the friends and family members and also book a lavish place for the party.

Venue Decoration

You can keep a theme like retro to create an atmosphere like the olden days which will be really liked by the person whose birthday it is.

A Perfect Gift Idea

Buying the perfect gift for the person celebrating his/her birthday is one of the most important things to do and a lot of ideas can be used for the same. You could gift a nice and huge collage of pictures which contain the most memorable moments of his/her life till now or gift him an all expenses paid family trip to some exotic destination so that he/her can spend a wonderful time with his/her near and dear ones.

Organize A Dj Or Live Band In A Party

No party is complete without music and it goes without saying that you need to organize great music to make the party a wonderful one. You can organize a DJ who will play all the latest as well old numbers to make the guests dance on his/her tunes and create a magical evening for the person who is celebrating his or her birthday.

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Another superb option would be to call for a live band which can play songs on request and make the environment a rocking one where everyone would enjoy on the dance floor.

Unique Food And Drink Items

No party is complete without food and this is the reason why you should put in extra effort to hire the best of caterers who can come up with different types of food items to suit all ages and ensure that everyone loves the food being laid out for them.

You can arrange for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so that everyone can quench their thirst depending on their personal choice. Make sure you order a huge and fantastic cake for the party which will be cut by the individual during the party and can also be served as a sweet dish.

Mementos For The Guests Attending The Party

As the birthday party is one of its kinds and not everyone celebrates such a birthday, you can buy a small memento for each guest who attends the party and give it to them as a great memory of this wonderful evening. You can either purchase a silver coin or silver flower, on which the person’s name should be inscribed with a ‘happy 60th birthday’ written on it to make this day go down in the hearts of all those who attend it.

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Don’t forget to save a coin or flower for the person who is actually celebrating his or her birthday and the main reason behind the entire party!