6 Useful Tips For Planning A Theme Party For Your Precious Little One

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Birthdays are something that a child is planning all throughout the year in his/her head. For a kid it is one big event. Kids look forward to it with a great deal of expectations. Celebrations bring in the spice in the otherwise mundane life of adults and your kid’s birthday party is something which should be planned with perfection. It takes a bit of innovativeness and a lot of hard work to make it a success. Proper planning in advance brings order thereby removing any last minute chaos. Here are some fun and innovative ideas for your precious little one to make the day extra special for her.

Here are Some Useful Tips For Planning A Theme Party For Your Precious Little Ones:

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for the birthday party always works. It can never go wrong. For choosing that perfect theme first and foremost you have to narrow down the things which catch your child’s fantasy.  Find answers to these questions before embarking on a theme. If your kid is a great fan of super heroes or Does your little girl digs Barbie? Is your child a dreamer and lives in a wonderland? Based on these clues you can choose a perfect theme for the party to bring the zing to the party.

Theme Party

Princess Theme

Girls can never get enough of the princesses and Barbie. These lovely princesses are a fodder for their imaginations and they can spend hours making castles in the air about the larger than life lives of prince and princesses. Prince and princess theme is the first baby step if you are planning a theme party for the first time. It can never go wrong. To begin with make a big castle with cardboard and paint it with purple, pink and yellow colors. You can find the method of making a castle on the net. For the shimmering effect fabric colors can be used. Adorn the castle with pictures of Barbie princesses. Decorate a chair with satin ribbons, a pink cloth and make it a royal throne for the princess.

Princess Theme

Games for Princess Theme

One of the games for the princess theme party can be bejewelling a crown with beads and mirrors. The most beautiful looking crown will fetch a prize for the owner of the crown. Rest of the kids can have the pleasure of wearing the crowns which they have decorated themselves. Another game could be coloring the pictures of the princesses and prince with crayons. The best dressed princess or prince can also win a prize. A  makeup and tattoo counter can be an instant hit with the kids.

Princess Theme party games

Decoration For The Princess Theme

Decorate with purple, yellow and pink color balloons. These Disney colors will brighten the whole place and will do full justice to the theme.  Satin streamers  look classier and more princess like. You can hang it with a bunch of balloons or individually on the windows and the doors. Spread a red carpet at the entrance for all the lovely royalties and click their pictures as they arrive. This red carpet welcome and all the attention will make them feel very special and they will bask in the feeling long after the party is over.

Princess Theme party decor

Dress Code

A dress code will provide that visual appeal to the party.  Kids will look adorable when girls in pretty gowns and boys in cute suits pose for the pictures.

Princess Theme  dress code

Return Gifts

Return gifts can be Barbie princess lunch boxes or mugs or a goody bag with some kids jewelry in it. In addition to these his and her highness could carry their crown and the painting.After all ,the royal guests should feel that their presence has made the evening very special and memorable.

Princess Theme gifts