6 Stunning DIY Ideas to Revamp Your Home Using Firefly Lights


Stunning DIY Ideas to Revamp Your Home Using Firefly Lights

Firefly lights or tiny LED lights are the new rage in home decor now. They are tinier than your average fairy LED lights and are easily bent to shape. This makes it ideal for room decor of all types and they consume very little power as well. This winter, add a warm glow to your home decor by using firefly lights in easy-to-do DIYs.

Here Are 6 Stunning Ways In Which You Can Revamp Your Home Using Firefly Lights:

1.Message Lighting

One way is to use string lights is to decorate a particular wall over your furniture or a wall niche. Instead of simply hanging them in strings, you can shape them out as words such as ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, etc., as firefly lights are easy to shape. It adds a beautiful dimension to your room and this space immediately becomes a focal point in the house.

Message Lighting

2. Mason Jar Wooden Sconces

Often we have wood pieces lying around in our homes from previous refurnishing jobs. Instead of discarding them, turn them into highlights in the house by shaping into rectangles and smoothening them. To these sconces, fix wrought iron holders to hang your mason jars. Fill the jars with firefly lights and mount the entire unit on a wall you want to decorate. You can make it look more rustic by using jute strings to hang them by the holder or place fresh or fake flowers in the jars. This sort of decor turns an ordinary room into a pretty and cosy living space.

Mason Jar Wooden Sconces

3. DriftWood-Wrap Lights

Driftwood is very easy to find on beaches and river banks. Simply clean them up and sandpaper them. Polish and paint them if you’d like a sophisticated touch, or leave them unfinished if you’d like a more rustic look. Fix the driftwood standing up on a heavy chunk of wood or a log cut to form the base. Wrap string firefly lights along the length of the driftwood. Place this in a corner of the room as a decorative lamp. It makes for a stunning and low-cost corner piece.

DriftWood-Wrap Lights

4. Starry Canopy Lights

Convert your ordinary sleeping area into a romantic one with a starlit canopy. Simply hang layers of sheer curtain over your bed with the help of a rod, canopy ring, or bed posters, and place firefly lights over them so that it looks like there’s an array of stars over your bed. Use a dim blue night light by the bedside to make it more real. You can go creative with the way you decorate the canopy. Your sleep time is now made of lovely dreams.

Starry Canopy Lights

5. Wooden Ladder Corner Piece

If you have a rustic wooden ladder lying around the house with no use at all, you could make this into a corner accent by wrapping firefly lights around the ladder and placing it in the corner of room. A balcony can easily be turned into a interesting place in this manner. It makes for a very charming, decorative piece in the room.

Wooden Ladder Corner Piece

6. Bird Cage Lantern

Bird cages look lovely as home decor. Why not turn them into firefly lanterns? Simply place a bunch of firefly lights in a decorative wrought iron bird cage and hang them in your room, over your dining space or even in outdoors in your porch. It serves as a beautiful element in your living area. This can also be used for outdoor parties if hung on tree branches.

Bird Cage Lantern


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