6 Romantic DIY Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Romantic DIY Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spreads the romantic note of love everywhere. Love birds are expressing their emotion by offering loves notes or gifts. When it comes to expressing the feelings of your heart, nothing can be as romantic as do-it-yourself gifts that convey your desire in a wonderful way. Put your creative imagination to present the beauty of your relationship that makes your loved one feel special.

Here 6 DIY Romantic Gift Ideas Are Penned Down That Need Your Touch To Make Them Beautiful:

Love You Reason Card Book:

You may express your reason of love many times, but paint your unexpressed emotion onto cards and let the magic of words spread. You no need to think much to make this love you card book. Take a bundle of playing cards and scratch them up with sand papers to give them a used look. First, make a template with spare cards (joker card. Punch two holes on each card. Make love notes and glue them with cards. Thread them by using book rings.

Love You Reason Card Book

Heart Sock Pillows:

Heart shaped sock pillows are cute valentine gifts that definitely bring two hearts even closer. This sock pillows are tiny ones, but they just spell the magic of love. First, make a heart shape template by using papers. Then cut your socks according to the shape of the template. Sew two heart shape cuts and you can use rice as fillers that give your heart sock pillow an edgy look.

Heart Sock Pillows

Love Rocks:

Love rocks are the best gifts, especially when your loved one has a passion for gardening. However, you can simply gift love rocks to express your untold feelings of love. For this, collect rocks of different shape and sizes, wash the rocks and draw hearts on them by a permanent marker. You can use Modge Poge to seal the color and to add a shiny effect to the rock. This is simple, but cute idea to bring smiles on your loved one’s face.

Love Rocks

Love Notes On Matchbox:

Turn matchbox into a blackboard of your loving heart. For this, you need a match box and then cover it with black paper. Write your note of love with a chalk on it and fill candies in the box. It definitely sets the mood on fire.

Love Notes On Matchbox

Heart Shaped Diary:

Some emotions can never be expressed through words. Then, let the magic of words bring out your desire. You can easily turn a notebook into a heart-shaped dairy. Draw the shape of hearts on cardboard and cut it out. Cover the cardboard with red velvet paper. Take a notebook and remove the cover. Then place it on your heart shaped board. You can either glue it or needle it to attach them together. Trim the extra portion of notebook by using a knife. Your loving notebook is ready to be gifted.

Heart Shaped Diary

Loving Bottle Candles:

Kindle the light of your love in a romantic way. Loving bottle candles are one of the best gifts for celebrating the day of love. To do this, you need two sheets of reading papers, glue, old glass bottle and scissors. Measure your paper as per the size of the battle and cut extra portions. Then cut the heart shape on the paper. Glue one end of the paper and place it inside the bottle. Then place the other sheet in the battle and stick them together. Place a candle in the middle of the bottle. The light of the candle melts love in the air.

Loving Bottle Candles