6 Mouth Watering Easter Desserts Recipes

Celebrate this Easter with your loved ones and serve them a tasty dessert, which will make your friends and family go crazy with every bite of it. You can try different types of desserts on this occasion, like tangy strawberry, sinful chocolate or the melting icing on the cake and these awesome deserts will keep all your friends engaged with these lip smacking treats. This article is going to reveal 6 most popular Easter desserts recipes.

Mouthwatering Easter Desserts Recipes

Angel Food Cake

The heavenly taste of this delicious dessert would leave your guests wanting for more. It can be prepared within a few minutes. Cut it into small squares according to the number of guests in your abode.

Angel Food Cake

Then prepare a frosting with lemon zest and spread it over the cake pieces and top with an edible flower to make it interesting. Keep it on top of the cake stand on the dining table to attract your guests and kids.

Banana And Cookie Pudding

If you are on the lookout for such a Easter desserts recipe that you can make within your budget, then this would be the right choice. This dessert can be prepared with the things that are available in your kitchen, such as eggs, milk, flour, sugar, bananas and butter.

Banana And Cookie Pudding

If you have peanut butter sandwich cookies, then this would make this desert mesmerizing. Arrange in a glass bowl to get maximum effect of the ingredients in it.

Five Ingredients Easter Cookie

This is another simple yet very popular desserts recipe that you can try on Easter eve. It is just needless to tell you that all your friends and others will be attracted by the glazed cookies. These cookies are easy to make as you need just five ingredients for them. You can prepare these cookies 3 days before the Easter and store them in the fridge and serve on the day.

Strawberry And Orange Trifle

The strawberries offer a refreshed look to this dish along with a hint of tart that is offered by the orange bits in this trifle. The creamy consistency of the whipped cream and the fresh bites of fruit are sure to keep your guests fulfilled and satisfied at the dinner table.

Strawberry And Orange Trifle

You can also add a dash of mint sprigs or shortbread cookies to make it much more interesting. The most important thing is this particular recipe is healthy and full of nutrition and kids just love it.

Chocolate And Zucchini Cakes

You can stun your family and friends with this unusual combo in a cake. The intensity of triple rich chocolate and sour cream fudge frosting on the cake would make it sinfully delightful.

Chocolate And Zucchini Cakes

Your guests will just dig into this dessert and have mouthfuls of mesmerizing chocolate cake. Make sure you add fresh zucchini after grating it for the best taste and pour the rich chocolate frosting after the cake cools down.

Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake

The multi-layered cream cake fused with juicy and sweet strawberries in a moist sponge cake makes it very refreshing and delicious. Unlike the usual cakes, this cake is smooth and soft that will leave your guests at the table asking for more.