6 Happening Bridal Shower Trends Of 2016

There were days when they were just formal soirees where female relatives of the bride gathered to shower her with presents that could help her set up a house. Of course, now with changing tides, one would want their bridal shower to be an interactive and participative evening rather than that awkward set up of guests being reduced to staring dolls as the bride took her time opening up presents.

Let Us Glance Through The Latest Bridal Shower Trends That Are Kicking Up A Momentum This Year

1) Theme Based Showers

Decorating the bride’s home according to a particular theme that she is fond of is one of way of making bridal showers an interesting affair. Besides this extending the theme to the gifts, games and food would only go on to prove your love for her. The theme could be anything, it could be based on her favourite television show or as simple as her favourite colour.


2) Activity Based Showers

Since all of you have gathered for a day, it is also perfect that you utilise this time bonding. And nothing can bond like minded souls together than investing on a shared activity or a hobby. It could be a painting class, a wine tasting spree, a spa session or a knitting class. When all of you together learn an activity, create something unique and laugh over each one’s creation then it is rest assured that your bridal shower would have churned out plentiful memories enough to beat the yawns hands down.


3) Weekend Long Destination Showers

Bridal showers that were earlier conducted at enclosures of the bride’s home is now being given a miss for  weekend long getaways to beaches, resorts and treks. Yes, a mini vacation of sorts with your gal pals is the best way to unwind before a hectic wedding schedule. This is any day preferred by an average individual over blank stares one would otherwise have to give each other during an organised and compulsive bridal shower.


4) Couple Showers

Why should your best friend’s life partner miss out on the fun you are having? Invite him towards the end of the party as a surprise to thrill your unsuspecting friend and pamper them with the best couple shower ever! As is the trend, now-a-days couples prefer to participate in every nitty-gritty of events that ultimately leads them to the altar. You can design an amusing game for them called ‘Power tools’ wherein you gift them with all the products required for their future home and they go about arranging them in the right places.


5) Slumber Parties

Bridal showers at the crack of the crow’s cooing is passe. You can enjoy a late evening shower with loads of snacks, a light hearted movie and an amazing gossip session will make a wholesome sleepover which would be an appreciable compensation for all the times you missed spending quality time together owing to hectic lifestyles!


6) Charity Showers

Sometimes your friend does not want all those superficial materialistic gifts shovelled down by you. Sometimes all she expects is a lending hand for a cause that is close to her heart. You can of course be that supportive agent who raises enough money to help her fund her favourite social organisation. So throw an auction instead of a grand supper and urge your guests to play bidders for the evening.


7) Food Showers

Be it a  mini tea bar, a breakfast bar, a tacobar or a cocktail bar, you and your friends can make separate food counters of your home made delicacies and make it an only food shower. Of course before that you have to spend considerable amount of time alleviating your friend’s worries (god forbid if she is extremely health conscious) of gaining weight before her D-day