6 Exceptional 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

6 Exceptional 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

The sixtieth birthday is reflected upon as a milestone in people’s life and of course when your mom turns that age her feeling is not at all an exception. Coming to that age doesn’t mean your mom doesn’t like surprises! You can definitely throw a surprise birthday bash for your mom and make her day extra special.

You can plan out something different and gift your darling mom an unusual present so that she’ll treasure those sweetest memories throughout her life. As children, you can decorate the house with flowers, candles, balloons and other adornments. The surprise party can be picnic, dinner party or cocktail party with her family or close friends.

If she’s a bit homely you can plan out something nice for her at home only with delicious home prepared dish of her preference. Searching for unique birthday gift for your mom can be tough, but we’ve helped you solve this problem as we have come up with 6 exceptional 60th birthday gift ideas for your mom.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

1. Family Necklace As Birthday Gift

Family Necklace As Birthday Gift

You can gift your mom with a family necklace which will be very close to her heart. The pendant can be shaped in such a way the arms of mom-dad and children figure a round family circle with lovable heart.

The necklace is designed of sterling silver with matte, along with polished finishes, pendant measuring 5/8” * 7/8” high, snake chain with lobster clasp. Your mom will appreciate you thoroughly for your creativity.

2. Musical Concert Or Live Play As Birthday Gift

Musical Concert Or Live Play As Birthday Gift

If your mother loves musical concerts this one will be a great idea for her birthday. You can check out in advance which musical artists will be playing at the concert to be held in your city, and thus book tickets online. You have to keep in mind your mother’s taste of music; whether she likes rock n’ roll music or soft music.

Enjoy that evening taking her to that concert and you’ll see a smile on her face. If she’s interested in watching live dramas/plays or live comedy shows or movies in theaters, you can treat her by taking her out.

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3. Glass Bead Bracelet As Birthday Gift Idea

Many moms like wearing bracelets, so this can be a classy gift for her. The attractive piece characterizes hand-made 3 glass beads of gold, garnet and plum shades measuring 10 mm and crystal accents added with small pearls.You can also gift her stylish bangles as per her sari or suit color or if it is affordable you can present her gold designed bangles.

Glass Bead Bracelet As Birthday Gift Idea

4. Personalized Cushions

This can be an ideal gift for your mom when you give her a personalized timeline cushion on which memorable dates and memories are embroidered with applique work. You can select five or six special dates and extraordinary moments by stitching those years and remarkable wordings for your mom. The fabrics to be used for the applique dates should be of bright colors like blues, red, pinks, browns and dark yellows. It can be sharing of personal memories, holidays, important events, future dreams etc.

Personalized Cushions

5. Home-Made Cupcakes/Delicious Cakes

You can prepare varieties of cupcakes for your mom at home with vanilla, chocolate or red velvet cupcakes. Vanilla cupcake will include buttered vanilla cake packed with vanilla bean cream with buttery vanilla icing as finishing touch. Chocolate cupcake will add dark chocolate cake with deep choco frosting.

You can make red velvet cupcake featuring deep red cake along with creamy chocolate truffle center topped with cheese-buttermilk fluff frosting. You can position those cupcakes in the pattern of ‘60’ which is quite innovative. You can also craft a nice chocolate, mango, pineapple or strawberry medium sized cakes with icing on top, wishing ‘happy birthday mom’.

Home-Made CupcakesDelicious Cakes

6. Leather Handbags/Stylish Watches as Birthday Gifts

If your mom loves to carry handbags for shopping or goes for professional work, then you can gift her luxurious leather handbag of dark colors with adjustable straps which offers enough space in it. You can also purchase her a fashionable hand watch as per her choice which will always remind her of you. Therefore congratulate your dearly mom by bestowing one of the above precious birthday gifts to her.

Leather Handbags