6 Dessert Ideas In Shot Glasses

Dessert Ideas In Shot Glasses

Many of are extremely fond of desserts and we love to try new and different desserts always. It is a great idea to keep experimenting with the desserts and giving them a new and attractive look every time. You will come across some interesting ideas which will instantly catch the attention of your guests. One of the most interesting and innovative desserts which you can make would be the desserts in the shot glasses. These are absolutely incredible desserts which have a wonderful look and look extremely different from various other desserts which you choose to make and serve. There is a certain fun and excitement in making these desserts which are often missed from the other desserts. There are a variety of interesting and wonderful shot glasses desserts which you can make at home.

Some Of The Dessert Ideas In Shot Glasses Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Mousse In Shot Glasses

Mousses are one of the most preferred and one of the most common desserts which we come across daily. We usually set the mousse in a bowl and serve them later in smaller bowls or we set them individually in the small bowls. We often don’t realize this but it usually becomes extremely monotonous to see the mousse in the bowls it will be extremely refreshing to serve the mousse differently. You can use the shot glasses to serve the mousse. The mousse can be decorated and nicely done according to your creativity. You can make the mousse of the flavour which you want and serve it in the best way in the shot glasses.

Mousse in shot glasses

2. Layered Shot Glass Dessert

We have a number of interesting desserts which can be made in interesting layers. Each layer of the dessert has its own specialty and taste. It is a great way to make a dessert with different flavours and with different taste. You can serve these layered desserts in the shot glasses. The shot glasses will help in making your every layer of the dessert visible clearly. It will a be a refreshing way of presenting the layered dessert.

Layered shot glass dessert

3. Fruit Shot Glass Dessert

Many of us are extremely fond of fruits and we love having various different fruits. It is a nice and interesting idea to have a dessert which has a lot of fruits. You can use a variety of interesting fruits to make a wonderful dessert of fruits. You can mix all the fruits and the required ingredients and set them in a shot glass. This will be an extremely eye catching dessert and different dessert which can be served in the shot glasses.

 Fruit shot glass dessert

4. Chocolate Shot In Shot Glasses

Many of our chocolate lovers and we can’t think of any dessert other than that in the chocolate flavour. You can make wonderful chocolate shots which are purely made from chocolate slabs. You can serve them in the shot glasses. It will be one of the most delicious and mouth watering desserts in the shot glasses. You should make sure that the shot has been warmed up before being served. You can also add a few chocolate flakes to make the shot look more interesting.

 Chocolate shot in shot glasses

5. Custard In Shot Glasses

Custards are available in a variety of interesting flavours and tastes. You can make some wonderful custards by adding fruits, jellies and various other interesting things in the plain custard as well. These can be served in the shot glasses. This is going to be a wonderful treat for all the custard lovers. You will find a large variety of interesting ideas in which you can serve the custard dessert in the shot glasses. You can pick the best idea for serving your dessert.

Custard in shot glasses

6. Ice Cream Dessert In Shot Glasses

Ice creams are one of the most commonly found desserts. It is always a nice idea to have new flavours of ice cream and you can even choose wonderful toppings for your ice cream. In fact you can also choose to have the sundaes or combine a couple of flavours for a nice and different ice cream flavour. You can choose to have the lovely ice cream in the shot glasses. You can have mini scoops of ice cream in the glasses which can be topped with interesting candies, wafers or any other topping. It will be a refreshing change and you will love this concept. You will have liberty to present the ice cream in the manner you like. You can be innovative and experimental while serving the ice cream in the shot glasses.

Ice cream dessert in shot glasses

These are a few wonderful desserts which can be served in the shot glasses.

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