6 Creative DIY Gift Ideas In A Jar

We all want to send something unique to our loved ones on special occasions. The stores all have the same over bought gifts which are quite boring. This is where you switch to DIY gifts. They are thoughtful and also fun to make! Speaking of something unique, gifts in a jar are something that stand out. They’re cute and easy to make. Also, they make a great substitute for gifts in a basket! Well

Here Are A Few Gift Ideas In A Mason Jar Which You Could Send Out To Your Friends And Family.

1. Fit In A Mini Spa

This would make a warm and lovely gift! All you have to do is fit in some body care items. You can use a lip balm, some bath salts, a face wash, foot soak, a scrub, nail clippers, lotion and bath bombs! You could also include some chocolates if you’d like! You’ll get mini versions of all the items that you could fit inside a jar. It might be a tough job getting all the contents inside. But, with a few alterations, you’ll be good to go. Close the lid and use a label to give the jar a cute name.


2. What’s Cuter Than A Sewing Kit?

Do you have someone who loves to sew? Why not gift them supplies, all of them packed cutely! You could decorate the lid with a piece of clothing. Cut out the outline of the lid on a piece of cloth, leaving out some little extra pieces to wrap it. Wrap the cloth along the rim of the lid. Through a small opening, stuff some batting to give it a puffy appearance. Glue the insides of the outer lid and fit the inner piece. Now you can fit in everything you want to, inside the jar. Cover the basic stuff like needles, embroidery threads, pins, buttons, zippers and a pair of small scissors.


3. A Perfect Mani-Pedi Set

All of us want our hands and feet to be healthy and neat. A manicure-pedicure set in a jar would serve as a really handy gift. Take three long cylindrical containers which are slim and can fit into the jar. Fill each of them with a foot scrub, soak and body lotion respectively. Fit them into the jar. Also, throw in some nail clippers, brushes and nail paints. You could also include pumice stone if you still have space. It depends on the size of the jar you choose. Seal the lid and decorate it with a cute label. Now, if the person wants to go somewhere and have their mani-pedi, all they need to do is grab a jar!


4. Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are something that most of us wouldn’t reject. Now, imagine so many of these all stacked up in jar! It’s not only cute but is also useful. Making bath bombs isn’t really difficult. All you’re going to need is citric acid, baking soda, some scented oil and water. Mix the first three ingredients, and keep adding water occasionally while you’re whisking them until you can form clumps. Add the mixture to a mold tray with shapes. Get them out and let them dry. Put them all into a jar carefully. Instead of wrapping a label around, you could also leave a tag.


5. Make The House Warming Merrier

Moving into a new house is a lot of work. Make their job easy with this little box of contents that’ll save their breath. Since all you have to do here is just fit the contents inside, try decorating the jar. Instead of a plain label, put in a thoughtful quote about homes. You could even paint the jar! Place the contents in such a way that they look artistic. You could include a tiny bar soap, some dish towels, straws, a scented candle and even some cupcake liners! Stack them all up neatly before you give them away!

6. The Perfect Kit For Mother’s Day

Don’t our moms do so much for us? This is one of the tiniest things that we could give back to them. Also, you could give this to your friend or any family member who’s a mom. Moms are always running around taking care of the family with little or no time left to themselves. Most things they need, all kept handy in a jar, would be a great save! Grab a large mason jar as you’ll be squeezing a lot of contents into it. You’ll need nail paints, some mascara, lipstick or lip gloss, some chocolates (moms need it!), some lotion and aspirin. Put some cotton at the bottom of the jar to keep the contents safe and fill them in. Since it’s for your mom, make it special. Throw in anything else that you think she might need. Decorate the lid! Make the label special! Just make her day!