6 Creative Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Creative Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Creative Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Anniversaries hold a special place in the hearts of guys and girls as it is the official meeting date to be recollected every year. Just like girls, guys wait for their partners to gift anything special to them. Guys too want that their beloved will shower them with loads of love and surprises. Their anniversary celebration arranged by their wives should be extraordinary and stylish in its own way.

Girls are always enthusiastic to put together their wedding anniversary excellently. Gift ideas should be classy and elegant in order to attract their hubbies. Varieties of anniversary gifts are accessible at the popular home decor or nearby malls, but we’ve approached with few of the creative anniversary gifts for the guys that will be easy for the girls to search for. Have a look at the 6 unique anniversary gifts for the guys given below.

Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Art Poster As Anniversary Gift

Art Poster As Anniversary Gift

You can gift your hubby with an art poster. You can select a preferred photograph of both taken from the digital camera, and print that picture into a 14*22 inch poster on matte paper. You can decide for a nice frame also of that photograph. If you want to put any special effects, it is up to you.

Otherwise you can tell a known artist to paint the lovely photograph on a canvass and design it fantastically. He will certainly like your choice.

Love Mug As Anniversary Gift

You can make your guy feel romantic by gifting him an appealing mug. You can select a plain white mug where on one side of the mug you can tell the graphic designer to carve a “together photo” inside the heart shape cutting, and on the other side it is beautified with ‘happy anniversary dear hubby’.

Love Mug As Anniversary Gift

They can also carve a cool landscape behind the heart-shape photo. You can brighten his morning with a hot cup of tea in that love mug. His heart will be filled with thrill.

Anniversary Wine Box As Gift

With the help of a carpenter you can make a wine box crafted of birch wood. Most of the guys have a liking for wine. So the box can be 3 separate sections inside which you can keep his favorite wines.

The box can be opened and on each sliding panel you can craft lovey-dovey messages with love signs. You can also write the best anniversary years you both have enjoyed the most. Your hubby can slide the panels and drink with you the three types of wines.

Anniversary Wine Box As Gift

Split Heart Keychain As Anniversary Gift

Though they are difficult to find, but split heart keychain is available which is generally made of non-tarnish metal. You can ask the designer to carve your ‘meeting date’ and ‘names’ on both the key chain. You can gift one half of the keychain to your better-half and should be with you. This romantic heart shape keychain will surely make your hubby remember you always the moment he takes out.

Split Heart Keychain

Leather Watch Box As Anniversary Gift

Girls can gift their partners with their preferred branded watch. It should be nicely placed in a black mini leather box with soft velvet lining inside with a glass lid above it.

You can carve a special message which he can read clearly. Your partner will love to wear your gifted watch. Hence girls can make their evening superb for their hubbies by presenting them with the above anniversary gifts.

Leather Watch Box

Then And Now Anniversary Frame As Present

You can surely give a personal touch to the exclusive anniversary frame. It will remind your hubby about the joyful years you both have spent together. The wooden frame can hold one photo of the early year when you had met written “that was then”, and another photo of you both of the present year written “this is now”, and of course the years of your togetherness till now carved on it. Your hubby will definitely give you a warm hug and surprising kiss.

Anniversary Frame