50th Anniversary Table Decoration Ideas

Anniversary Table Decoration Ideas

The 50th anniversary celebrations constitute a grand event. And keeping in tune with the function, it is necessary to bring out the best of decorations. The tables at the party occupy a very important position and it becomes absolutely essential to dress up the tables.

For a 50th anniversary, decorate the party tables with fancy table cloths, beautiful centerpieces and other items that reflect the cheerful ambience of the party. However, if you are running out of ideas, here are some 50th anniversary table decoration ideas that you can utilize.

50th Anniversary Table Decoration Ideas 

1. Decide On A Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme for the anniversary celebrations. Keeping in tune with this theme, you can choose accessories for decorating the tables. First and foremost, you need to get some tablecloths for dressing up your tables. If your party is mostly utilizing red and white coloured items, pick tablecloths in both colours.

Alternatively drape the tables with white and red tablecloths. The napkins must also be colour coordinated. Hence, for the white tables, you can use the red ones while for the red ones use white napkins. You can also drape the second cover over the table in the shape of a diamond and make the tables even more attractive.

Decide On A Colour Scheme

2. 50 Themed Decorations

To make the celebrations extraordinary, it is essential to bring in some 50 themed decorations. Ribbons with the numbers 50 on it are excellent for rolling up napkins. These can also be used for tying around the glass stems or around the spoons. And if you want to inculcate a fancy look, try creating a 50 themed lace for the table cloths. Run it around the edge of the table and it will automatically add a different dimension to the anniversary tables.

50 Themed Decorations

3. Use Fancy Tableware

Fancy tableware is one of the most essential ingredients for decorating an anniversary table. You can either choose glass or bone china dinner sets for the party or think of using some golden plates, bowls and spoons.

To make the decorations eye catching, use some golden napkins on each table. This would go well with the theme of a golden jubilee celebration and would perfectly dress up your party tables.

 Use Fancy Tableware

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4. Decorative Candles

Long, tapered candles are best for anniversary table decorations. If you can get hold of some golden ones, it would be perfectly suited to the occasion. Additionally, try to arrange for golden candle holders that can hold the candles at different levels.

This would allow the candle centerpiece to stand out from the rest and add a festive glow to the event. Sprinkle some golden glitters around the candle stands and lend an elegant look to the table.

Decorative Candles

5. Attractive Centerpieces For The Tables

Whenever you think of decorating tables, centerpieces occupy a very important position. For the 50th anniversary celebration, you can use some violet flower centerpieces. Violet flowers are traditionally associated with this occasion and are best suited for the event.

Attractive Centerpieces For The Tables

Wooden carvings of the numbers 5 and 0 can also be used as perfect centerpieces. The couple’s wedding photographs can also form beautiful centerpieces for their 50th anniversary celebrations.