5 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Parents


Valentine’s Day is essentially an occasion when two partners, lovers, spouses get together and spend some romantically precious moments with each other. When Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we often start planning our day so that there are no hiccups eventually. However, we hardly ever remember that the first people who ever loved us are our parents. Since, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, why not have a good time with the people who love us the most. Do it differently this Valentine’s Day and return the love and affection they give you every single day. They surely deserve this and so we give you 5 ways to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for them.

Here Are The 5 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Parents:

1. Cook A Meal

Your parents have fed you since birth and cook for you every day. This is treated as a routine and we do not thank them enough for this. This is your chance to give them a palatial treat at home. You can cook everything that they like as they have been taking care of your likings all along. Put in extra efforts by doing up the dining table beautifully with some new linen and crockery from their newly wedded days. Some classic music playing in the background with this wine and dine date will make everything feel perfect.


2. Decorate Your Living Room

Cleaning your spilled food, picking up your toys, stacking your story books was once the order of the day for your parents when you were young. Now, is your payback time. Before they wake up, give in a few hours, and decorate the living room for them. Bring in fresh flowers, their favorite ones, and freshness to the room. Arrange some cushions with covers in their most loved colors. If you are doing this in the evening, you can light up some candles to spread some love and light.


3. Go To The Park

If your parents are in their older age, they would often feel the need to go out in the open and get some fresh air. However, due to our busy schedules, we seldom remember to take out some time for them. Hence, this Valentine’s Day, take them to the park and spend some quality time with them. Indulge in their favorite ice-cream, drink or snack, sit on the park-seat with them and watch the trees, the birds and the kids play around together. Make this memorable for them.


4. Frame Your Love

All parents love to see their children happy and having fun together. Love among siblings is what they want to see always. So, why not frame this love for them for the coming Valentine’s Day. If you have a family photograph, get it framed and put it up on the wall of their bedroom or the living room. You can also make a family tree next to it with all the birthdays and anniversaries of all their children and grand-children.


5. Wrap A Present

Parents are always on their front foot, getting kids all they want whatever is in their capacity. But, we as kids, need frequent reminders as to what they desire. Thus, this Valentine’s Day take a step forward and jot down all you must have heard them say that life would be easier if they had this or that. Get them new spectacles, a new watch, radio repaired, mixer mended, fridge fixed and so on. Fulfill their wish list as they have always been doing it for you.