5 Ways To Have The Perfect Beach Party

If you are looking forward to enjoy a summer vacation the best way to do so is to organize a beach party. There can’t be anything more refreshing than chilling with your friends on a sunny day with sand between your toes or playing water sports and having drinks. Although the idea of having a beach party sounds exciting, planning it might turn out to be tricky. As a party hostess it becomes your duty to plan the location, food and cocktails in advance to make sure at the end of the day you and your friends are tanned and happy. If you are looking forward to enjoy a beach party but not sure about how to organize it you can take help from the following tips to have the perfect bash.

Here Are 5 Ways To Have The Perfect Beach Party

1. Location

The first thing which you need to decide is your party location. You need to choose the beach which is the most suitable among the options available keeping in mind your guest list. You can decide about it according to how far it is from your home and whether it is easily accessible. Do a research whether the place is clean and safe. You should also check in advance whether it will require a prior booking.


2. Cool Invitation

Prepare your guest list and plan a cool invitation. You can make creative handmade invitations with palm trees or beach balls drawn on them. Make your cards attractive because more the number of friends in the party greater will be the fun.

Cool Invitation

3. Food

The next thing which requires to be planned is the beach food. You need to plan your menu with low maintenance food which does not require utensils. Sandwiches, hamburgers and sweet and salty snacks are the best options for your hungry guests. You can keep your guests well hydrated by keeping fruit salad and juicy watermelon. Mocktails like Mojito and coconut lemonade will also help your guests beat the heat.


4. Music

Every party is incomplete without music. You should select a mix of old and new high beat and energetic songs to make sure that your guests enjoy the party to the fullest. Select the top party songs of the year and keep the volume full.


5. Beach Games

You don’t want your friends to be just lying lazily on the beach so add some fun in the party with some exciting beach games. You can play games such as volleyball, football etc. Games are not only fun to play but they are also amusing to watch. If you have kids at your party make them do a sandcastle contest, relay race or play with Frisbees.

Beach Games