5 Ways Make Cute Homemade Birthday Cards

Ways Make Cute Homemade Birthday Cards

Although, plenty of options for cute birthday cards can be easily found in the market, when you are making one at home, it certainly turns out to be extra special. Birthdays are special occasions and it is that time of the year when you wish to make somebody feel special.

No matter what your relation is to the birthday boy or girl, you wish to choose something that will touch his or her heart. And there can be nothing better than a cute homemade birthday card that says that you care. It can be for your mom, dad, children, brother, sister, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or any other relative.

The charm associated with a homemade birthday card cannot be replicated with a readymade one. The effort that you put into making it would certainly make the other person realize how much you love him or her and that you truly wish to gift something unique.

However, most people think that it is quite difficult to make birthday cards at home. But, reality is that it can be made very easily utilizing simple craft skills that you had learnt at school. Let’s have a look at how you can make cute homemade birthday cards for a special person.

1. The Basic Birthday Card

It does not require a lot of effort and creativity to make the basic birthday cards. It can be simply made with chart papers, mound boards or even card paper that is easily available in the market. For making this kind of a card, you need to fold the piece of paper into half.

Now, think of decorating the front portion of the card. You can either draw something related to birthdays, like balloons, cakes with candles or even flowers saying ‘Happy Birthday’.

The Basic Birthday Card

And if it is for a little kid, think of drawing his or her favourite cartoon character. But, if you think that your drawing skills are not as good, think of pasting some pictures. You can easily get hold of birthday themed pictures in old magazines and newspapers.

Cut it and paste it on the card. The next the step is decorating the card. You need to embellish the card with glitters, sparkles or sequins. Spread it in nice patterns and make the card attractive. Also make use of calligraphy or designer fonts for writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on the card.

After this, it is time to write a cute little note for the birthday boy or girl. You can either write a note of your own or draw inspiration from older birthday cards that are easily found at home. To add a personal touch, write some special things about the special person and this would certainly make your card stand out from the rest.

2. Add The Personal Touch

Cute homemade birthday cards would be incomplete if you miss out on the personal touch. You can easily incorporate this by adding special photographs of the birthday boy or girl. If it is for grown ups, it can be a picture of their childhood.

Add The Personal Touch

Apart from this, you can also add pictures of the last birthday that you had spent together or a special picture from a memorable event can also be attached to the birthday card. This will not only lend the personal touch, it will have a lot of sentimental value as well.

3. Incorporate Cute Ideas For The Homemade Birthday Card

Everyone loves to have a card that has been made with a lot of feelings and hard work. Therefore, if you are also looking for cute ideas for the homemade birthday card, you can try out quite a few ideas.

Making a collage card can be a great idea. For this, you need to put together pictures of some of the favourite things of the recipient on a chart paper and make a beautiful collage. Add in captions or attractive foot notes wherever applicable.

Then cut out this collage and paste it on the card. The card would automatically look cute. Write a special note regarding the things that you have shown on the card and how you wish you could have all of it for the birthday boy or girl.

This will be a heartfelt message that will definitely be appreciated by the recipient. Another great idea would be to replace the pictures with those of some famous celebrities who shares the same birthday or were born under the same zodiac.

 Incorporate Cute Ideas For The Homemade Birthday Card

Paste these pictures on the front side of the card and add attractive captions like “This day was meant for the stars” and on the inside you can write something like “But no other star can shine as brightly as you”. This cute little message is enough for conveying a lot of feelings and would be ideal for making a cute birthday card.

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4. Create A Card With Pet Pictures

For a person who loves pets, the cute birthday card with pictures of some of his or her favourite pets can be a wonderful gift. You can either use real pictures of these animals or utilize some sweet photographs gathered from various magazines, books or the internet. Adorable groups of puppies, kittens and rabbits can form excellent pictures for the card.

And to make it even more special, you can superimpose the picture of the birthday boy or girl on the card along with the puppies or kittens. This will certainly make the recipient extremely happy and she would be elated with your kind gesture.

Create A Card With Pet Pictures

5. Make A Book Chronicling Different Years Of A Person’s Life

In order to make a cute homemade birthday card, you can make use of a few pictures from the recipient’s album. This can work very well for your husband, wife, mom, dad, brother or sister. Put up pictures of the person’s childhood, school days, college days and the growing up years in a timeline.

Make A Book Chronicling Different Years Of A Person’s Life

Synchronise the pictures on a yearly basis and make the person realize how he or she has changed over the years. Add a latest photograph at the last page of your card with a little note that says “the joyful journey continues”.