5 Unique New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

If you are planning to ring in the New Year by throwing a party for friends and family, you have to first think of suitable decorations for this event. This year, for your New Year’s Eve party, think of some unique party decorations that will get you a lot of compliments and dress up your home beautifully. With delicious cocktails, food, party favors, etc. this party will be a great success. The decorations can be according to the theme chosen for the party, or you can have a mix of unique decorations that are hand-made or purchased.

Though, if you start planning in advance, it can be great fun to involve kids and make some unique New Year’s Eve party decorations yourselves. You can make decorations for the doors and windows, for the dinner table, and for any other corner of the room that you can think of. Given here are some unique decorations that can be made easily at home and used to decorate your home for the New Year’s Eve party.

Unique New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

Glitter Candles

Candles are a great way to decorate your home for the New Year’s Eve party, without having to take too much trouble. Make some unique candles by coating beautiful candles, in all sizes, with metallic glitter.

Glitter Candles

You can get spray adhesive from any craft store and do it easily yourselves, or even get the kids to do it since it’s very simple. Let the glitter dry overnight and place the candles all over the side tables, dining table, etc. to light up your home during the party.

Confetti Garland

You can prepare a confetti garland for this New Year’s Eve party. It’s quite simple to make and will be a unique decoration that will be great fun to make. For this New Year celebration, cut out the numbers on a good piece of craft paper and then coat the numbers with colourful confetti. Hang this unique handmade garland on the door, or wherever you wish, and bring in the New Year with this unique decoration.

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New Year’s Cake Banner

Your New Year’s Eve party is incomplete without a lovely cake that can be cut at midnight to bring in the New Year with great cheer. You can make a unique cake banner that will bring a smile on your guests face.

New Year’s Cake

This unique cake banner is quite easy to make. Take a colourful sheet of thick paper and stick a “Happy New Year” cut-out on it. Take two sticks and glue them on either side so that the banner can be put on the cake.

Centerpiece With Glittered Faux Lemons And Velvet Leaves

Decorate your dining table with a unique centerpiece for this New Year’s Eve party. Take a large and bright colored citrus centerpiece. Add some large faux lemons that are covered with shiny glitter to it. Put in some silver balls and velvet leaves all around the faux lemons. Also add some lemon candies at the top. Your guests will love this centerpiece as they enjoy their champagne. Cheer the New Year with the sweet candies.

Colorful Mini Disco Ball

Colorful mini disco ball

Another unique decoration you could use for your New Year’s Eve party is a colourful mini disco ball. You can make it yourself very easily using a readymade craft kit, or prepare it yourself by covering a ball with shiny paper and sparkles. Hang this ball over the dining table; it will look like a mini chandelier. You can also make many mini disco balls and hang them from the ceiling, all over the room.