5 Unique Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party

5 Unique Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party

Decorations! We all love them. Having the power to make anything look beautiful, decorations become a very important aspect of a lot of activities in our daily life. We like decorating our homes, rooms, gardens only to increase the visual appeal of everything. So aren’t decorations important when it comes to special occasions. To add to the charm of the special occasion, good food and a cheerful party, decorations become an integral part.

And we all obviously know how much the kids love decorations. Give them a choice between a grand party at a fancy hotel in a neat banquet hall with no decorations and a small party at home with their favourite balloons, ribbons, party poppers and birthday caps and it is guaranteed that they will choose the latter option.

The usual decorations for a birthday party of balloons and confetti’s are cute but don’t you want to decorate the venue in a different, unheard way? So if you are looking for some ideas that will add style, creativity and charm to your child’s birthday party, here are some decoration ideas that will help you stylise the birthday bash of the year.

Ideas For Birthday Party Decorations

1. The Funny World Of Cartoons

All parents are exasperated with their child’s obsession for cartoons. These cartoons have become your child’s best friends and they simply adore them. So it will be a fantastic idea to give the children their favorite cartoon decoration. You could choose one cartoon and create a story with that including the other characters of that show. Along with this create a replica of the place that the children associate this carton with.

For example, if you choose Tom and Jerry, stick their cut outs at different places in various actions depicting a story. Try to make the venue look like the house that these two live in. Put things like Tom’s basket and create Jerry’s hole to make it interesting. Make the hole big enough so that even the kids can crouch and enter it. Keep cheese and chocolates inside.

You could also have cut outs of the characters like the lady who owns Tom and the bull dog. Another idea would be to have cut outs of all the cartoons that are currently in the favourite list. Put life size actual cut outs of Dora, Doraemon, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Ben 10 and the list goes on. Children are definitely going to love this world of cartoons.

2. Bringing Them Close To Nature

With a little planning and effort this idea will be loved and will intrigue the kids. In today’s concrete world there are few opportunities for the kids to explore nature and feel the beauty of it. Now obviously you cannot create and have real plants and trees but you can definitely get them to feel it.Firstly try keeping the party in an open space, preferably the lawns of your home or a garden. Arrange for as many artificial plant and trees as you can. You can hang the wax fruits which are easily available in the market like mangoes and apples.

Believe me the usual balloons replaced by apple and mango laden trees will be loved by children. Try having a small waterfall and a stream of water coming down artificial hills. You can have small caves too where in children can have fun.

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3. Heaven On Earth

We all tell stories of fairies and angels to our children. How about taking them to a fairyland? Convert your venue into a beautiful heaven. Make a grand entrance to the party in white or silver. Make two life sizes cut outs of Angels and make them to stand on the door as if welcoming the guests. Have cotton clouds hanging from the ceilings.

For this make chart papers cut outs of the clouds of various sizes and stick cotton on them. Make sure to use layers of cotton to give the fluffy 3D look. Now hang these from the ceiling using a thin thread that is not seen easily. While hanging these clouds from the ceiling hang them at different heights to give a random look.

Stick silver color stars to add to the beauty. Have angels and fairies standing at different places or flying in the air. Make them hold wands or harps to add to the authenticity. Color the ceiling blue or stick a blue paper on it. Have soft lights for this kind of decorations gives a perfect glow to the place.For the floor you can use dry ice to give that smoky effect. Be very careful while using dry ice for a children’s party. This heaven on earth angelic decoration will awe the children and they will be mesmerised by it.

4. The Naughty Krisna’s Gokul

We all have heard of the stories and tales of Lord Krishna and he is by far the naughtiest child ever seen. But we adore him for his pranks. Indians across the globe will agree that when it comes to decorating a birthday party venue especially for the boys, nothing beats the land of Gokul.

Creating this will be a lot of fun. Make shacks using dry hay and mats. Have the old style Charpais as the seating arrangement. Have pots (matkis) of various sizes and fill them with cotton to make it look like butter.

Stick some cotton on mouth of the pot and outside to give the effect of butter flowing from the pot. On one end have the big hill of Govardhan which Lord Krishan had lifted. Life size cut outs of cows and sheep will add to the village effect. Accessories associated with Krishna like the peacock feather and flutes will give an impeccable finish to the decoration.

5. Knock On Disney’s Castle

Parents of small girls will agree that their little princesses totally love the Disney’s princesses. So give all the small beauties a chance to be a princess. Sleeping beauty, Cindrella, Rapunzel, Snow white and so many more are the favorites of young girls and the common thing between them are a beautiful Castle and a perfect Prince Charming.

Decorate the venue with a huge castle or better still, try having the venue in the shape of a castle. Beautiful chandeliers and rose gardens will add beauty to this place. Now have doors leading to different rooms which can be dedicated to each fairytale. Decorate these rooms in sync with that fairy tale.

Some examples could be, for sleeping beauty a bed like the one she slept on, for Snow white have small cut outs of the seven dwarfs and so on so forth. Have a cut out of a Prince at the end of the room and take pictures of the girls with it that will get them to giggle and have fun. By simple ideas and little bit of effort, you can have some amazing decorations for your child’s birthday and can leave the routine ideas behind. These are the Y generation kids and they want more!