5 Simple DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

A mom is someone who carries you in her womb for 9 months and brings you into the world. She is the one who holds your hand and helps you walk. She teaches you everything that you need to know to help you survive in this world. She nurtures you with her patience and love and brings you up into a strong and independent adult. She teaches you respect and values and the importance of being good and giving back to the society.

Here Are Some DIY Gift Ideas For Your Mother:

1. Flower Pot

This simple Mother’s Day DIY gift is beautiful and easy to make. All that you need is a flower pot, a coloured pen and some paint. Just write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the pot and use your imagination to paint on the mud pot. You may also wish to plant a flowering plant in it like a lily or a rose plant. With flowers blooming from your Mother’s Day homemade flowerpot, the gift is sure to stand out.

 Flower Pot

2. Homemade Bouquet

Women love flowers and your mother is no exception. Why not make her a bouquet with her favourite flowers from the garden. All that you need is a glass, coloured paper and flowers. Wrap the glass with the coloured paper and gently place the flower bouquet in it. Add some water in the glass so that the flower stays fresh for long .You may even want to personalise it by sticking a picture of you and your mom on the glass. Place the homemade flower vase on a tray and decorate it as per your imagination and present it to your mother on Mother’s Day.

 Homemade Bouquet

3. Gift Basket

This beautiful DIY gift basket makes a perfect gift on Mother’s Day. Cut a red coloured paper into a shape of a heart. Stick it to a cardboard and cut out the cardboard to make a heart shaped strong base. Use a pencil and mark small dots in equal distance all around the heart. Gently make holes in the pencil mark. Then cut some wooden sticks into equal sizes and put some glue on its ends and pierce it through the holes. Let it dry for some time and your gift basket for your mother is ready. You can put a card or some chocolate and flowers in the basket and present it to your mother.

 Gift Basket

4. Greeting Card

A greeting card is the best gift and also the best way to thank your mother. Use your imagination and your creativity and make a beautiful DIY greeting card for your mother. You could either stick some printed cut outs or draw on the card yourself .Make it bright and colourful and pen down some beautiful words on the card to make you mother feel special.

Greeting Card

5. Jewellery Box

If your mother loves to wear jewellery and also has a huge collection of them, then gifting a jewellery box to her can be a great idea. You may wish to make the jewellery box with wood. If you have some old boxes then why not recycle them and convert them into pretty jewellery boxes. Use some colourful paints and glitters and become artistic to craft out a beautiful DIY jewellery box for your mother.
 Jewellery Box

Mother’s day is a special day to honour the mother of the family. It is a day when you can tell her how thankful you are and how much you love her. And what better way to do that than to gift her some fabulous homemade gifts.