5 Romantic Birthday Surprises For Him

Romantic Birthday Surprises For Him

Birthdays are always special occasions of life and when it is of your partner then it means little extra special for you. A birthday is not only a joyous day to celebrate life but also to come close to the person and sharing their happiness forgetting all grudges, egos and complaints and for couples it is a great day to reconcile their differences and renew their love relations. Everybody in this world love surprises and if it is coming your boyfriend’s way from your side then what can be more charming and adorable for him.

In fact, it is perhaps the only day when all efforts are done by you to make him feel special and happy. Though surprising men is not easy comparing women as both of them have different preferences and that often makes you stumped to plan a great surprise for him on his birthday. Well this is the time to put an end to all your confusions as in this article we are providing you some romantic birthday surprising ideas for your boyfriend which will not only make him feel special and loved but also he will always cherish this birthday for years to come.

Tips On Romantic Birthday Surprise For Him

1. Write A Love Letter

Gone are the days when couples used to exchange their feeling through letters, now people has switched to e cards or other social networking sites to share feelings. But the warmth and charm of a love letter written by your partner is incomparable.

So write something romantic for him or if you are bit of imaginative you may also write a sweet love poem for him. Select an aromatic paper to write, finish it off with a kiss of your lipstick stained lips and tie up it with a red satin ribbon. Now place it somewhere to discover by himself as under his pillow or his table etc.

Write A Love Letter

2. Play ‘Gift’ Hunt

Throw off all those cliché ideas of presenting him the birthday gift and make it more interesting by playing treasure (gift) hunt as you had played in your childhood. Hide his gift at some place and leave some clues behind it, now give him one clue which will help him to find rest ones and ultimately to find the gift. He will just love this surprise.

 Play ‘Gift’ Hunt

3. Plan A Vacation

If your man is a travel-freak then he will adore this idea. But first you need to know all his schedules and then organize a short trip to a place where he loves to go or wish to go and surprise him on his birthday with the tickets. This will be a great idea to rejuvenate both of your lives and pamper each other in a quite atmosphere.

Plan A Vacation

4. Cook For Him

As we all know the old proverb, ‘a way to a man’s heart through his stomach’, so it is the best time to try this trick and surprise your man by preparing his favourite food at home. For assistance you may search in the internet or recipe books.

 Cook For Him

5. Call His Friends

Everyone likes surprising birthday bash and when it comes from a group of old friends it becomes really special and blessed. So to see the hearty smile and sparkling eyes of your man call on his close friends secretly and surprise him on the birthday evening as he enters the room.

 Call His Friends