5 Pool Party Ideas For Your Child’s Graduation And Prom Night

Pool Party Ideas For Your Child’s Graduation And Prom Night

Its summer time and your child’s graduation and prom happens to coincide at around the same time. Its that time of the year when your child makes their transition from high school to college. This can also be about the last time you might hear of their classmates that they endlessly might have ranted about. What more a better way to socialise with them than throwing a graduation-cum-prom after party? And if you have a pool, then it is even more better! Yes, your child’s high school might have their own graduation and prom parties but anything with a personal touch would be appreicated and this is all about your child and their clique of friends. While you can schedule the graduation congratulatory bash in the morning, you can enjoy a prom after party at night in your  same backyard pool!

Here Are Some Ideas For You To Pull Off Your Child’s Graduation-cum-prom After Party In Your Outdoor Pool:

 1. Use Pool Floats:

Arrange wacky and eye-catching pool floats for your child and their friends to chill, relax and discuss about anything under the sun, in the literal and metaphorical sense! These pool floats could be anything ranging from pizza slices to lego shaped floats. While this would be the schedule for the graduation after party in the morning, you can replace these floats with LED lit lounges during the prom hang-out session. As lighting would be the key during the evening, LED lit lounges add the brightness and colour which your pool would require.

Use Pool Floats

2. Bake  Delicious Diploma Cookies:

It would be amazing if your food and drinks would also follow a graduation theme.  So all you have to do is, take the standard Piroutte cookies, wrap a red ribbon around them and name them as the ‘Diploma cookies’ in a slate, for that is what they would resemble, a scroll of diploma certificate.

Bake Delicious Diploma Cookies

3. Concentrate On Lighting Designing

For the prom night, it would be interesting if you gave a theme by which you can design the venue of your pool. It could be ‘Starry nights’ or ‘Tropical Paradise’ but whatever it is you will have to definitely work on designing the lighting accordingly. Convert your pool into a disco of sorts by infusing the waters with bright balls of LED float lights. Or rustleup your Christmas fairy lights which would by now be gathering dust if you wish to go the budget conscious way. For a sheen of soft  resonance place DIY inspired mason jars that contain lighting bulbs. Use many of these jars to create a well lit path for your guests.

Concentrate On Lighting Designing

4. Arrange A Paris Styled Water Fountain:

Arrange for a 3 tier fountain that can bring back the romance which only Paris is capable of. This dancing fountain could be lit by soft LED lights. Choose a colour that attracts, or even better opt for the house colours of your child’s high school.

Arrange a Paris styled water fountain

5. Chalk Out Few Pool Games:

The tides of the pool will always favour you and why not utilise it in lapping it up to your benefit? With disco lights abound its time you used the vast watery space to design some fun games.  Be it run of the mill sports like basketball or volleyball played in the water or the classic game of ‘capture the change’ which will leave everyone in frenzy trying to scour for the notes that have been buried underneath, your swimming pool could be squeezed out of the maximum entertainment it can offer.  The swimmers can get their best excercises in the game of dolphin and sharks, where the opponents chase the group trying to swim to their safe shore. At the same time the still waters of your pool can be agitated as well to produce artificial whirlpools. This can be done when all the members of the group form a single file and walk, jog, run together. Soon the members towards the end of the file would feel that a wave is naturally pulling them forward.

Chalk Out Few Pool Games