5 Outstanding Outfits For Christmas


When Christmas is just around the corner, everything starts to seem bright and delightful. We get jolted in a world of festivities with a hundred errands to run and a thousand things to check off our work list. Amidst this fanfare, when time is slipping out of our hands, we might just skip planning our ensemble for the much-awaited Christmas party. To help you sail through this common problem which all of us face, we give you a list of some outstanding outfits which will befit your party outlook.

Here Are The 5 Outstanding Outfits For Christmas:

1. Suit Up

Christmas is usually an elegant and formal affair when it comes to its fashion disposition. Hence, suiting up will be legendary and a classic option. You can be all formal with your trousers or mellow it down a bit with jeans for the bottoms. Go for the evergreen blazers or cape style jackets for a modern twist. Long cardigans and overalls are other chic options for completing this look.


2. LBD

When in doubt, bring out your ‘A’ game. Who doesn’t possess a little black dress in their wardrobe. An LBD always looks classy and is the most timeless outfit you will ever own. Adorn this and walk into your Christmas party and you are sure to make an impression. An LBD also gives you the liberty to accessorize and add that sparkle to an otherwise subtle dress. Just pair this with boots or your high heels and you are good to go.


3. Bling It On

All that glitters is definitely gold. So, wear something gold and shine on. You can be a metaphor to the Christmas tree. This pine tree is associated with Christmas lights, ornaments, and everything sparkly. Hence, you can dress up in something sequined, beaded or metallic depicting the true essence and flavor of the season and festivity. You are sure to turn some heads your way if you be bold and dress up in gold this holiday season.


4. Wedding Dress

If you are looking for an alternative that will not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time make you look drop-dead gorgeous, this is the answer to your problem. Your wedding dress is preserved and saved in some corner of your closet with the intention of never using it again. Well, this is the decisive moment. You can revamp your wedding dress by detaching the veil, going shorter on the length, or doing away with a few layers. This complete white attire will make you look surreal and bring out an angelic appearance, denoting that of Mother Mary this Christmas.


5. Checked

In case your Christmas party is a casual affair and not very formal and jazzy, you can underplay your getup a bit. Keeping the theme intact and playing only with the colors of the festival, you can adorn garments in red and green and look all Christmas-like. Opt for a checked pattern in these colors and go out there and rock the look. You can choose a checked shirt dress with a waist belt or an open shirt with pants and a tee. You can knot up the shirt and look like a fashionista or tuck it in and look glamorous. The choice is yours but whatever you pick, just make sure, you own the look as well as your attire. A Santa hat will be the most befitting accessory.