5 Must Do’s For Planning A Great Party

Aristotle said centuries ago that “Well Begun is Half Done.” I wonder what was it that made him say this but it sure applies if you are planning to throw a party. It’s immaterial what type of party you are planning or for which occasion. Be it kids’ parties, weddings, baby showers, or any other occasion, the basics of organizing a party remain the same. And so do the problems associated with them.
If you want your party to be successful and much talked about even afterwards, you need to throw yourself whole heartedly into planning it much before the actual event. So here are just five tips that have the potential to transform your good party to a great one.

5 Must Do's For Planning A Great Party

Tips For Planning A Party

Fix The Dates Well In Advance

This is the one most important thing that affects so many other things. Once you fix the date(s) for your party, list out your venue choices in order of preference and make your bookings immediately. Visit each venue, see what they have to offer and match them with your requirements. Do not finalize the first one even if you feel it suits your needs. You will be in a better position to get a deal for yourself only after visiting all the options. Never leave venue booking to a later date otherwise you may not be able to hold the party at your favorite location.

Decide On Décor

Once you have finalized the venue, turn your thoughts to the décor for the party. If you want a theme party, decide in advance. You might need to inform your guests as well if you want them dressed or carrying a prop accordingly.

5 Must Do’s for Planning a Great Party

I’m sure you don’t want shell shocked friends at the party!! You could enlist the help of a professional designer or go creative yourself. Most of the party venues have in-house décor services and they will be too happy to incorporate your ideas.

Prepare A Guest List And Send Invites In Time

Prepare a guest list in consultation with everyone in the family. Ask them if they want any of their friends invited. If the invitation is to be printed, choose the designs, get it printed and dispatch them as soon as you can. This will give your guests time to plan for attending your party. Make any one person responsible for the guest list to ensure everyone is invited. After all, you don’t want your partner’s best friend left out because the list was too long to remember!!

5 Must Do’s for Planning a Great Party

If you are inviting any out of station guests, intimate them on phone beforehand. They will consider it quite thoughtful of you as they get ample time to make their travel arrangements. And you yourself don’t forget to make arrangements for their stay.

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What’s A Party Without Food

Partying is all about having a nice time and food is obviously very important in the whole scheme of things. Decide on the menu, choose a caterer and give orders in advance. Time is of importance here because your favorite caterer might be unavailable during rush season.

5 Must Do's For Planning A Great Party

I have seen people changing their whole program just because they wanted their food from a certain caterer and he was already booked on the date chosen. To avoid this, you could consult the caterer in advance before finalizing the dates. Of course, this applies only if you are very choosy about your food.

At times when you book a venue, in-house catering services are available. You could work that out depending on cost factors because bouquet offerings are always a bargain. But remember to taste the food (if you haven’t tasted earlier) before taking a final decision.

Be On Your Toes On The D Day

Whatever planning and arrangements you make in advance, the actual day is the most important. Be at the venue beforehand to check all the arrangements. You shouldn’t arrive just minutes before the first guest arrives. There are bound to be a few lapses, what with so many arrangements to be done. So instead of raving and ranting in front of guests, get them corrected in time.

5 Must Do's For Planning A Great Party

Everything said and done, you need to be patient and resourceful at every stage of preparation. Patient so that you don’t get bogged down by problems and resourceful so that you can tackle tricky situations even at the eleventh hour. And last but not the least, always keep alternatives for all arrangements ready so that if anything fails you don’t need to panic. I am sure these tips will enable you to organize many great and enjoyable parties.