5 Magical Lighting Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Magical Lighting Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is the magical day you have waited for your entire life. Everything needs to be perfect for the big day which includes lighting for your reception. Nothing sets the ambiance right in a wedding like lighting does. It uplifts the entire decor, not leaving a dull moment. It transforms the entire venue from an ordinary looking space to an extraordinary one, leaving everyone at the wedding mesmerized. Good lighting is also important for the photographer to capture the memories of your fairy-tale wedding in the most gorgeous way. Whether it is a summer or a winter wedding, appropriate lighting elevates the spirit of every reception giving it the right sparkle and sheen.

Here Are 5 Magical Lighting Ideas For Your Wedding Reception:

1. String Lights

String lights are the oldest yet the most apt lighting that you can use for any wedding reception. There so many ways in which these lights can take your decor to another level. If you have an outdoor wedding, you can have string lights wrapped around trees trunks and decor pillars. You can also have them dangling from the branches of these trees for illuminating the entire venue. Similarly, for an indoor affair, you can make a canopy of the strings under which the wedding couple can take their vows, making it beautiful. These lights can also be used for the ceiling along with fabric drapes alternating in a scalloped fashion for a radiating appearance. If you want to add some pop of color to your white or pastel decor, you can arrange for colored string lights to add beautiful hues to the setup.

String Lights

2. Candles

A wedding reception in candlelight can be the most romantic affair. Candles bring elegance to the decor and love in the air. You can use them for centerpieces by placing them in mason jars or glass vases to light up every table and your guests’ mood. The same can be used in a floating fashion by adding water and flowers to these jars and vases giving it a creative feel. You can also suspend candles as tealights in small glasses from floral arrangements creating an inviting glow and feel. For some added glam, candles can be lit around your cake and buffet table framing every item served on the menu. For the ultimate sense of passion and spark, use traditional candles along both the sides of the aisle making the walk stunning with their dancing flames.


3. Lanterns

Lanterns glow like globes of sparkling light and add a radiating effect to any wedding decor. Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling will brighten your reception venue and give it a charming feel. In a similar fashion, for an old-world charm, glass lanterns can be used, bringing in a rustic yet whimsical appeal. There are floating sky lanterns available in the market that you can use as send offs elevating your wedding setup and lighting up the sky like shooting stars. Glass lanterns can also be placed on tables for a countryside wedding adding to the decor. Right above the area where the wedding nuptials will take place, spherical paper lanterns will lighten up the podium in an elegant yet fun style.


4. Light Bulbs

Light bulbs will add the right amount of charm and chic to your wedding reception. You can have them lit in the entryway enlightening the pathway with radiance and gleam. For an urban texture, use wired light bulbs that are suspended for a contemporary and modern appearance around the entire venue. You can also create an arch with light bulbs and flowers for an epic and grand entry of the newlyweds. Another way to enhance your wedding decor, is by placing marquee light signs that use light bulbs and words adding conversation and romance to your space. Words like Love, U & ME, I Do will make your setup look like a twinkling and ardent field.

Light Bulbs

5. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the most lustrous and elegant lighting equipment for any decor idea. The all-glass ones look amazingly stylish and suave and brim with beauty in every wedding. Crystal chandeliers look chic dangling from the ceiling and giving the guests a glamorous appeal. Your first dance under one of these huge chandeliers will give you the most stunning photography stills silhouetting the both of you in love and romance. Whether the chandeliers are rose, gold or white, they will add the same amount of glam and class due to their gleaming nature. Chandeliers made of collective glass mason jars also jazz up the outlook.


Thus, these lighting ideas will fulfill all your dreams that you have always had for a spectacular wedding reception.