5 Lovely Braided Hair Up-Dos For Brides

Every girl dreams of being the most beautiful and the prettiest bride. She wants to be the bride who can steal the attention of every onlooker. The hairdo of a bride plays an extremely important and vital role in determining the look of the bride. She wants to be the prettiest and the most attractive bride. If a bride doesn’t have a nice and an appealing hairdo her look as a bride can also be spoiled. One of the neat and appealing hairdos for a bride is the braided updo. The hairstyle looks nice, classy and appealing. There are a number of amazing and appealing braided updo hairstyles which a bride can have for her wedding day.

Some Of The Hair Updos Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Braided Side Bun

The braided side bun is a classy and elegant updo which a bride can opt for her wedding day. The updo looks extremely stylish and classy. As a bride you can also choose some interesting hair accessories to enhance the look of your beautiful hair updo. You shall always choose the side which complements your facial cut and look. As your hairdo will look the best then and will also enhance your bridal appearance.

Braided Side Bun

2. Front Braid Bun

The front braid bun is an interesting and a pretty hair updo for a bride. A bride can have braided hair just in the front and the remaining hair can be pulled up to an amazing and eye catching bun. It is a lovely hair updo for a bride. There are a number of interesting hair accessories and embellishments which can be used for giving the hairdo an appealing and attractive look. You can choose the best look for your bridal appearance.

Front Braid Bun

3. Braided High Bun

High buns are very much in fashion and look extremely eye catching and attractive. As a bride you can choose to have a pretty hair updo with a braided high bun. This hair updo will give you a very interesting and different look as a bride. This is one of the most different buns and looks great. You shall make sure that this hairdo suits bridal look well and enhances you look and beauty as a bride.

Braided High Bun

4. Braided Pony

A braided pony is a nice and different hair updo which a bride can choose for the big day of her life. The hair of the bride is pulled up to a braid and the same is then tied to look a pretty and eye catching pony. If you are a bride who wants a different hair updo then this is a lovely hair style for you. This will be a nice change from the usual bridal hair updos. You will like the refreshing and appealing look of the braided pony for your bridal look.

 Braided Pony

5. Braided Flower

Many brides love to enhance the look of their hair updo with a pretty and eye catching flower. It is a wonderful idea to braid your hair in the shape of a beautiful flower. It is extremely interesting, pretty and beautiful. As a bride you will love this pretty hair updo. There are a variety of interesting and eye pleasing bridal hair updos which you can choose for a floral look. As a bride you can choose the best braided flower updo for your hairdo.

Braided Flower

These are a few amazing braided updos for a bride.