5 Latest Spring Wedding Themes

Spring Wedding Theme

Spring Wedding Theme A theme is not a necessity at a wedding. However, a theme should be decided upon as it reflects the personality of the couple. Generally, the unspoken theme at a wedding is white. The flowers, the decorations, the cake- everything is prepared and organized in white. A wedding theme brings focus on a particular topic which in turn helps to zero in on the décor and food.

There are many themes that a couple can opt for. The theme can be in tune with a particular season or it could be a complete contrast. Spring is a wonderful time to be getting married. This is because during spring all the flowers are at boom and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

Unique Spring Wedding Themes

A Garden Theme

Nature plays a very important role in spring. It should therefore be focused on in the wedding. An outdoor wedding would be the perfect way to celebrate both the season and the occasion.

Garden Theme

Lots of flowers arrangements and colorful bouquets could be used to add vitality and energy to the wedding. Flowers like lilies, daisies, orchids and roses are wonderful wedding flowers. You could also using paper flowers as it would be economical and beautiful.

A color Pop Theme

A wedding theme differentiates a wedding and gives it a unique touch. The crazier the theme, the more talked about it is. The ultimate purpose of a wedding is to make it memorable and a color pop theme might just be the way. Colors like hot pink, orange, electric blue stand out a lot.

When used at a wedding, these colors would add a shock of color to the wedding. The colors could be used as a contrast to white. Neon colors could also be used as decorations especially if the reception is in the evening.

A season’s Theme

Spring falls between winter and summer. At your wedding, you could incorporate both these themes. You could have a mix of both summer elements, winter elements and autumn elements.

season’s Theme

The wedding could be divided into different sections. The food section for example could have a tropical and a summer theme while the tables could be decorated according to a winter theme. This would be a very interesting way to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

A Quirky Theme

A wedding is expected to be celebrated in a certain way. The guests expect the bride to wear while and the cake to have tiers. But you could base your wedding on a different scale by giving it a quirky charm. Some quirky but wonderful ideas would be a cheese cake based cake, a wedding dress which has bright colors on it and decorations that are extremely unique.

The 20s

The twenties brought about a lot of changes in the world of fashion. Lace, bright beads, feathers; this era has been the center point of many adaptations.


You could have subtle elements at your wedding which are inspired by the twenties. The roaring twenties could easily be brought to your wedding with lace parasols and vintage cars.