5 Interesting New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas At Home

Interesting New Year's Eve Celebration Ideas At Home

Discussions about New Year’s Eve party naturally sets the room temperature soaring up but the very thought of chilly air and icy-cold water deters people like me from stepping out.

Washing hair, getting ready for the dance party, primping kids for the event becomes all too stressful and as wisdom has dawned upon me gradually, I have realized that celebrating New Year party at home is the best bet. You can have fun, kids can feel secure and you can rest as and when you want to take a break from the buzz of party.

New Year’s Eve Celebration Ideas At Home

Invite Close Friends And Neighbors

What is the fun on New Year’s Eve, if you are sitting alone at home and watching the same familiar faces? Make it a bit spicier and colorful by inviting your close friends and neighbors.

New year eve party invitation

Make sure to invite only those people with whom you are comfortable in your skin. Such people can really help and contribute in the party arrangements and can make a great time.

Plan Some Interesting Games

The best way to break the ice among neighbors and friends and give a tangy flavor to the party is to organize some fun games. Organize games like dumb charades; pass the parcel and some other interesting games. One interesting game could be a game of wish cards. For this game, you need to make some wish cards.

Plan Some Interesting Games

You can write some interesting wishes on the cards like, “one habit I want to kill this year is…., one skill I would like to learn this year is…., “, etc. Now give these wish cards to participants and ask them to fill up the cards. Collect the filled up cards and read out each card loudly. Ask the participants to guess, who wrote what on the card.

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Decorate The House

What fun would be New Year Eve’s party, if the venue would not be well decorated? Decorate your house with some easily available party decoration stuff like balloons, steamers, confetti, etc.

Home Decoration for the New Year Party

Make a huge banner, welcoming New Year and hang it on the entrance of the house. Decorate the party hall with flowers and candles also. The idea is to give the area a cheerful aura.

Arrange A Pot Luck Dinner Party

When it comes to food, do not take entire responsibility on your shoulders. The idea of celebrating New Year Party at home with friends is to relax and have fun together. So, ask your friends to bring one dish each.

A Pot Luck Dinner Party

Pooling in food will help in dividing the menu and everyone will get to have a taste of different dishes, prepared by different master chefs! Involve children in serving food. Just use unbreakable crockery for the party. Do not take out delicate stuff, since many hands will be handling them. On the other hand, using disposable stuff is not a good idea as it is not environment friendly.

Arrange For A Dance Floor

You can turn a corner of the room into dance floor. Put up some strings of lights, disco ball and a good music system with nice speakers. Turn on some light and foot tapping music, in the very beginning of the party. Gradually as people will play party games and will begin to feel more relaxed in each other’s company, they will begin to enjoy dance. Some enthusiasts will come forward to dance initially and then gradually, the dance party mood will catch a momentum.