5 Interesting Ideas For Baby Boy Gift Baskets

The arrival of a new baby is the time for joy and celebrations. It is the most exciting time in the life of the parents, and the perfect way to congratulate them is to gift them with a beautiful baby boy gift basket. You may also want to give a gift basket as a baby shower gift or at the time the new baby boy arrives home.

You can assemble it together using some creativity of your home, or you could get a readymade one, in the style and budget you wish for. It would be a great idea to make one yourself as you can have fun choosing the theme, items and decorations yourself, adding that personalized touch which is sure to touch hearts and create a great impression. Here are some baby boy gift basket ideas you can consider while going about it.

Ideas For Baby Boy Gift Baskets

Sports-Themed Gift Basket

Boys love to play sports and parents love to watch them play! So, a sports themed gift basket is an ideal choice for celebrating the birth of a baby boy. You can make it interesting using your own creative ideas. Choose a sport that you know the parents love to watch or play. If they happen to be soccer crazy, you can work around this sport.

Sports-Themed Gift Basket

You can add baby clothes with soccer ball or players pictures imprinted on them. A baby sized soccer jersey of the favourite team and cute little pillows in the shape of a soccer ball can be added to this basket. Wrap the basket with a cover having soccer ball prints.

Baby Blue Gift Basket

Baby blue is traditionally associated with little boys, whereas baby pink is for girls. For putting together a gift basket for a little baby boy, a baby blue theme will work perfectly. All items in this gift basket should be chosen in blue.

Baby Blue Gift Basket

Wouldn’t it look sweet and touch the parents’ hearts! You can fill this gift basket with a baby blue warm fleece blanket, Baby blue clothing, sweet little booties and cap in blue, and throw in a little teddy bear in blue too!

Bath Time Gift Basket

Little boys love to splash around in water. A bath time gift basket will be perfect for him. Fill a baby bathtub with baby shampoo, lotion, powder, hooded towels and washcloths. You can also add some waterproof baby books to this basket.

Bathing Time

A baby blue colored bath robe will be ideal for the handsome little boy. A rubber ducky is a must in this bath time gift basket. Wrap this gift basket in a blue colored cellophane, or a gift wrap with a water theme.

Toy Gift Basket

Little boys love to play with toys, and they are especially enchanted with engines and cars. You can fill a little wagon with all kinds of assorted toys and building sets. Little cars and engines will really catch his fancy, though they can only be played with under parent’s careful supervision.

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Add some soft toys and stuffed teddies that the baby boy can cuddle with, in this toy gift basket. Cover with a blue cellophane paper and add a card with a personal note that conveys your happiness and best wishes.

Diaper Tree Gift Basket

The newly born baby boy’s arrival is such a joy for the parents. To let him sleep peacefully and allow the parents the parents a good night’s sleep, diapers are really necessary. They can be quite expensive, so a gift of diapers is going to be really handy and practical. You can use some creativity here by placing these diapers in tiered appetizer trays that can be purchased from any home goods store.

Diaper Tree Gift Basket

You can place the diapers in such a way on this appetizer tray that it will resemble a tree. Isn’t that creative! Throw in some colourful ribbons all around to give it that decorative touch. You can also use a woven basket in which you can place the diapers and add a baby blue blanket as well as a few other useful baby items. It’s better to get diapers in a larger size as the baby will grow quite fast.