5 Interesting Decorations To Celebrate Graduation Day Party

Interesting Decorations To Celebrate Graduation Day Party

A party without decoration will look empty and pale. The decoration is what brings out the theme and the mood for celebration. In order to party in style, the decorations should be done well. Wherever the venue or whatever the theme, the requisites for decoration should be carefully chosen and the décor should be well planned and executed. Graduation is a great accomplishment and marks a very important and unforgettable moment in anybody’s life. So, it’s important that this special moment is made extra special. The graduation party is a celebration of success and is a motivation for the life ahead. Adding a touch of color and a few sparklers to some customized centerpieces and sumptuous food makes it even more special and memorable.

A few decoration ideas to make the graduation party celebrations impressive and lively are mentioned below.

Graduation Day Decorations

Backdrop – Main decorative element for a party


A backdrop forms an integral part of any theme and decoration. A backdrop can be a plain or you can consider a hanging one to add that special twist. The backdrop can have different colors, theme based images or the fun times in college can be added, which will kindle your memories. Whatever be your theme, a backdrop is essential and can be customized, as per your needs. Normal or hanging can be decided by you. The backdrop is like the heart of any decoration and is always the primary element in any party.

Pom poms – Give life to your party

Pom poms

What is a party without some colorful pom poms? Pom poms are fun and making them is easy too. You can make pom poms in various colors and sizes best suited to the theme using simple tissue papers. You can hang a few of them, as part of the hanging decoration and a few can be made into bouquets, some could be individually pasted on the sidewalls. It is a great decoration item, easy to make and adds to the festive and celebration mood. Pom poms definitely enliven the party venue and are one item you should never give a miss.

Golden Photo Wall

Golden Photo Wall

A great decorative idea is to create a photo wall, a golden one just for the invitees. This is a fun idea and is definitely going to impress everyone. Clicking pictures in front of this shimmering golden banner can be given out as souvenirs. This decoration is certainly going to be something that everyone will be thrilled about and will remember for long. The graduate will feel really special and the significance of achievement will be remembered forever. The golden photo wall is chick, red carpet like and glamorous, shouting out you are a star today.

Bottle Toppers Made To Look like Graduation Caps

Every graduation party has an element in which a graduation cap is included. Just to make it a little interesting and to break free from the monotonous and cliché ones, you can make bottle toppers, which look like graduation caps. Be it water bottles or juice bottles, they look amazing. To bring a twist, you can make graduation caps in different colors instead of just sticking to the mundane black one. This interesting decoration idea is definitely going to impress everyone preset at the party. Pop a graduation cap bottle and raise a toast to the star of the evening.

Bottle Toppers Made To Look like Graduation Caps

Handmade Frames Create Memories For a Lifetime

Handmade or do it yourself photo frames with stickers and embossed paints is a great party decoration. Each frame can be made with different colors and paint based on the time the picture was taken. These customized frames can be kept in various locations in the venue of the party. This is a great way to refresh a graduate’s memories about his/her college days. Some frames can be made as gifts and given to friends. Frames are a great decorative item for every occasion.

Handmade Frames Create Memories For a Lifetime