5 Innovative 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Innovative 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

In an age where divorces are way too common, celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary is a wonderful thing.This is a day that you definitely need to spend in a memorable way – after all it represents almost a life time of togetherness. Here are 5 innovative ways to spend your 40th wedding anniversary.

40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

1. Plan A Romantic Vacation

Plan A Romantic Vacation

Why not relive the earliest days of your relationship by planning a romantic getaway, away from the cares of the world? A few weeks before your anniversary, sit down and finalize a peaceful location where you both can be alone for a few days. Children, relatives, friends – no one is allowed on this vacation – only you both are allowed to go.

As you walk along a beach together during this vacation, or enjoy a beautiful landscape together, you both will definitely find yourself reminiscing the years gone by. Many magical moments will be created during this vacation.

2. Invite Family And Friends Over For A Unique Party

Yet another way to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary is to invite all your friends and family members over, for a party. Let this be the day when you will reconnect with long lost friends and also spend quality time with your children.

To make the party even more memorable, make sure there is a speaking session during the party. In this session, everyone present will get a chance to talk about marriage, and their interactions with both of you. You both can also talk about the last 40 years of your life and what you have learnt from the experience.

Invite Family And Friends Over For A Unique Party

3. Post A ‘Marriage Tips’ Video On YouTube

Spending 40 memorable years with your partner in an era when many couples find it difficult to spend even 3 years together, is commendable. You must have learnt a lot of wonderful lessons during this time together. Your 40th anniversary can be a good time to share your marriage tips with the world. These tips might end up helping thousands of couples across the world have healthier and long lasting marriages.

In the age of the internet, it is very easy to reach out to a large number of people in a short span of time. Record a video of both of you on YouTube and share it with the world. In the video, talk about the challenges you have faced, the lessons you have learnt, and the crucial turning points in your marriage. A genuine video where you share heartfelt lessons will definitely make a difference in the world.

If recording a video sounds like a daunting task – do know that it is actually a very easy process. You can use your laptop’s built in camera to record your talk and YouTube has a very visible upload button to help you upload your video. A simple Google search on this topic will help you get detailed instructions on recording a video.

Post A 'Marriage Tips' Video On YouTube

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4. Dress Up And Spend Some Quiet Time Together

Yet another way to make your 40th anniversary special is to dress up, get a photograph clicked and spend some quiet time together. In the olden days, before hi-tech cameras were the norm, it was common to visit photo studios on special occasions and get a memorable photograph clicked. You can do that in memory of the good old days when this tradition was the norm.

After that, you both can go out on a quiet date to a restaurant you love. Make sure you switch off all mobile phones and internet access so that you are not disturbed during the date. Sometimes, spending some quiet moments together without any distractions or interruptions – can be a beautiful thing. If you so wish, you can then come home and watch an old movie that you both love. This will be a quiet, but a memorable anniversary.

Dress Up And Spend Some Quiet Time Together

5. Visit A Homeless Shelter

A great way to celebrate any special occasion is to help people who are less privileged than we are. How about visiting a homeless shelter and distributing some gifts this anniversary? I once went to an old age home to distribute useful gifts to the inmates, on my birthday. I loved impacting the lives of people I did not even know in a beautiful way.

The smiles we exchanged at the end of our interactions were heartfelt. Both of you can visit a homeless shelter, an old age home, an orphanage, or any place where you can spread joy through gifts and words on this special occasion.

As you can see, a 40th anniversary can be a wonderful day to celebrate, spread joy, connect with the people you love and spend some quiet moments together. Congratulations on this splendid occasion – and here’s hoping you have the best anniversary ever!

Visit A Homeless Shelter