5 Impressive Ideas For Organizing A Poker Themed Party

Ideas For Organizing A Poker Themed Party

If you are planning a poker party and wondering how to go about it, you are at the right place. A poker party is the perfect theme to get friends, food and fun together and have a night to remember. You can go all glamorous and make it a formal event or go casual and make it a chilled-out affair. Whatever you choose just combine the below mentioned ingredients to create the perfect recipe for a poker theme party for your loved ones.

Here Are 5 Impressive Ideas For Organizing A Poker Themed Party:

1. Decor

Creating the right ambiance is very important for any theme party. There are various elements that you can use to get the appropriate look. You can use paper lanterns based on poker and hang them around. You can create playing card houses and place them as centerpieces. Big dice can be created and placed as decor in the corners of the venue. Enlarged playing cards as wall hanging and decor will enhance the entire view. You can set up a photo booth with poker themed props and a backdrop using the same for making it picture perfect.


2. Invite

Today is the time when paper invites are out of fashion. Now, everyone has progressed with technology and e-invites are the order of the day. Create invites that have playing cards or poker chips as the background. Let your friends know the amount of fun they about to have at your theme party. You can have the dress code to be color based. Dressed in green, red, or black, the shades of poker, your buddies will befit the theme and make your party rock.


3. Activities

A poker theme surely needs a set up including poker tables. These tables can be covered in green felt from all sides. You can poker chip sets and a set of playing cards placed on all tables in advance. You can call professional dealers to give your guests a real life like experience. For added entertainment, you can set up roulette tables for guests who just want to have some fun. Also, you can arrange a soulful pianist or guitarist for some instrumental music and give him a ready playlist of the songs of your choice.


4. Food

Sit down and jot down everything you want served at the party and prepare the entire menu. A well -planned food list always goes down well with guests. Since your friends and family are going to be seated at poker tables for quite some time, have finger foods served to them while they are at play. Lay down a buffet for main course and set up a bar for drinks. You can have glasses based on your theme with playing card suit prints or colored red. The tissue papers and other disposables can be in similar fashion.


5. Favors

For your poker theme favors, you can get poker sets customized that include poker chips and a deck of cards with your last name engraved. You can also have a set of 4 or 6 shot glasses personalized with quirky poker phrases on them. Poker themed boxes or mini suitcases can be created as well with chocolates and cookies kept in them. Poker themed memorabilia can be given as favors too like key chains, sunglasses, cushion covers and t-shirts as keepsakes.