5 Ideas For Christmas Parties


Christmas is approaching and the air is redolent with memories of snowflakes, Yuletide bells and baking. What joy! The very thought refreshes the mind and brings gaiety and cheer. Every year people gather together recreating the magic of the season. Different theme parties abound catering to families, youngsters or office colleagues.

Some tips would go a long way in making the event truly memorable. First and foremost, decide on what kind of party you would like to have and for which group you are catering to. Work out on the size of your guests and how you would like to handle them. If it is a party with children, organise holiday or Christmas related movies with lots of games, cakes and cookies. If it is for families, engage the adults too in helping out with the children. Parties for youngsters generally have lots of dancing, music and tasty tidbits.

Make it a fun filled event. Plan in advance to avoid last minute stress. If there are a large number of guests, order the more time consuming dishes from a local joint while you concentrate on the other items in your agenda. One can pool expenses or one can organise a potluck where every family brings their favourite Christmas treat. This creates a bond of sharing and caring which is what Christmas is all about! Creativity and innovation is the name of the game. Contact friends, browse through books and try to create something original for your Xmas party this year.

Below Are The Ideas For Christmas Parties:

1. A White Christmas

Ensure that all decorations that include origami flowers, lilies, cakes and other items are all white with all party items being snow sprayed. Invite guests to dress in white and let the whole atmosphere recreate the snowy atmosphere of Christmas giving it an angelic and scenic atmosphere.

A White Christmas

2. A Fancy Dress Party

This party ensures that all guests can dress up emulating the characters in the Bible like Joseph, Mary, Jesus, shepherds and even animal disguises. This would also help kids to cherish the holy event in an enjoyable way. Dramas and plays in these costumes incorporating stories from the Bible could be enacted, celebrating and recreating the true essence of Christmas.

A Fancy Dress Party

3. Welfare Party

Request guests to bring a book or toy which can be collected in a Santa’s sleigh. These proceeds can then be donated to an orphanage or poor kids in the locality. Such parties bring out the true spirit of Christmas in which personal enjoyment is accompanied by altruistic acts of kindness and empathy.

Welfare Party

4. Competition Party

In this party, different competitions for guests can be organised like musical chairs, blindford and charade games, reindeer relay or singing/dancing contests. Prizes can be given which can be auctioned to charity as per the wishes of the guests. It is best to assign different competitions as per age group ensuring participation of all the guests.

Competition Party

5. Potluck Party

Here, each guest brings a decoration and a food item of their choice which can be discussed earlier and suitably assigned. Everyone then joins in to put up the decorations and sample the dishes. This creates a community feeling and involvement , with kids too contributing to the festivities. This also reduces burden on the host and makes it easier  and enjoyable for all.

Potluck Party