5 Handy Thanksgiving Day Party-Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is that special time of the year when we take some time out to remember and appreciate all the gifts and blessings that we have been bestowed with. Of course, it’s our family and friends that are the biggest blessings we have! So, make the Thanksgiving Day special by decorating your home and inviting all your loved ones for a get together and enjoy eating food together. Send personal invitations to family members and close friends, and start your preparations by planning the kind of decorations you will be doing this year.

You can get creative by making your own wreaths, centerpieces and other decorative items that will give a personalized touch. If you are short of time, you could simply visit a store or order online all types of decorations that will go with the theme of your party this year. Your holiday table is most important, so make extra efforts to make it look beautiful. Given here are some Thanksgiving Day party decoration ideas that you can make use of this year.

Thanksgiving Day Party Decoration Ideas

Use A Natural Theme

Take some time out to get creative and use a natural theme for Thanksgiving party this year. Every member of the family, including children, can get involved in the decorations and it can be great fun while saving on the expenses as well.

Natural Theme

Since this time represents fall and harvest, you could plan a natural theme using easily available things around you. Add dried grass or fall flowers to vases, fill small bowls with nuts, float flowers in a glass bowl, etc.

Decorate With Fall Wreaths

In keeping with the natural theme this year, you can decorate your home with fall wreaths that are made using dry leaves, flowers, or using fruits like berries, grapes and peppers. You can collect some autumn leaves, press them and when dry these can be used to make wreaths, arranged on dining table and taped on windows. You can even purchase fall hanging swirl decorations that give an illusion of falling autumn leaves. Make a chandelier using wreaths, candles and colourful berries.

Thanksgiving Fringe Letter Banner

Thanksgiving Fringe Letter Banner

A beautiful banner is a must when you are having guests over for a Thanksgiving Day party. You can get a variety of attractive looking and welcoming banners from stores or order them online. Choose one with a message like “Happy Thanksgiving” and decorated with colourful autumn leaves. String this up on your doorway, or from the ceiling.

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The Thanksgiving centerpiece should be decorated beautifully so that everyone of the guests adores it when they attend your party. You can get creative about this and use many decoration ideas.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Festive candles look beautiful as centrepieces. You can fill a glass bowl with flowers and leaves, keeping a large and beautiful candle in the center. Pumpkin shaped candles are a great idea. You could also place candles inside small, hollowed out pumpkins.

Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table Beautifully

When your friends attend your Thanksgiving Day party, the table decorations are one of the most important parts that you must take care of. This is the time to show your loved ones that you care.

thanksgiving table decorations

Spread a holiday tablecloth in an autumn color or print. Maple leaf print linen and napkins will look beautiful. You can get special dishware with autumn theme of falling leaves and colors. A beautiful centerpiece will complete the look. Keep it a little low as it may interfere when the guests want to converse.