5 Great Party Things For Kids

Party Things For Kids Planning a birthday party for your kid can be very demanding yet exciting for you. You want your kid to have the best birthday bash by having everything appropriate in the party.

However, there is a huge difference between what you would like at a birthday party and what your child desires. Hence, the hopes that your kid has from you for his/her birthday party can become very challenging to fulfill. So, to relieve you of your stress, here is a list of 5 party things to have for your kid’s birthday party which will bring you that loving smile on your child’s face.

Best Party Things For Kids

Party Hats

A party hat is a must have for any kid’s birthday party. Since party hats are now common, you can innovate with the hats in the following manner:

Metallic: Instead of the normal colorful hats, you can have metallic party hats for your kid’s friends. They will bring in the glitter and shine in your party.

Metallic Kids Party Hats

Printed: You can also have your child’s name printed on the party hats saying the classic ‘Happy Birthday’ followed by the name. Your toddler is sure to feel special looking at those hats.


Masks will add the color to your party as well as an element of surprise for your child. Two suggestions for making the idea of masks interesting:

Animal Masks: You can arrange for masks with different animal faces carved out on them. So if you have a safari or zoo theme, these will definitely add flavor to your theme.

Animal Masks

Eye masks: You can also have the traditional eye masks at the party; however, you can obtain feathered eye masks which will give a carnival feel to the party.


A kid’s life story is definitely incomplete without balloons. So, make sure you have balloons at the party to bring in the excitement. Few ideas for different types of balloons:

Balloon Stand: You can get a balloon stand with balloons tied to a weight so that they stay put on the ground due to the weight. In this bunch, you can include balloons of various shapes and sizes with one saying Happy Birthday to your tot.

Helium Balloons: These balloons go up in the air as much as they can and stay there. Since these are lighter than air, they go up to your ceiling and do not come down. These will give the birthday party effect when bought in different colors.

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Gift Bags

Almost every kid wants to go for a birthday party for the return gifts he receives. So, to send every kid home with a smile, you need to have these two bags at the party:

Khoi Bag: A Khoi Bag is a concept where you put various small freebies in a bag or balloon and tie it to something that is higher than a kid’s reach. Then at some point in the party, you gather all kids and burst the khoi bag. The kids then collect all that they can to take the freebies home.

Loot Bag >

Loot Bag: A loot bag is necessary to be distributed to the kids so that they put all the things they have collected in the khoi bag section. You can have your child’s name printed on the bag to add some novelty.

Accessory for Birthday Boy/Girl

Last but not least; you should have something unique in store for your little one’s special day. King’s Crown: If your toddler is a little prince, you can have a crown specially made for him to wear during the party. Your child is sure to feel like the king of the world. Princess’s Tiara: If your child is a little princess, you can have a tiara specially crafted for her to show off during the party. Your kid is sure to feel like the queen of her kingdom.