5 Great Guys Halloween Costumes

Guys Halloween Costumes Halloween is an occasion when the entire family spends hours in thinking and deciding on the character they will portray this holiday season. Once the portrayal is certain, the rest of the time is spent on finding the most superlative costume to be better than the best. From the oldest member to the youngest one, all get into this Halloween flavor and start getting ready for the festivity. To assist you in finding the finest costumes for this special holiday, below are 5 Great Guys Halloween costumes.

Great Guys Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Costume

If you always wanted to feel the aura of being a wizard, this is your chance to experience it. Being Harry Potter is a hot favorite these days and girls are sure to give you a second glance.

harrypotter Costumes

A shirt and pant with a long robe with full sleeves will be the basic costume. You can wear a tie or a scarf along with it. Glasses, a magic wand and a sorting hat are other accessories which you can adorn. However, Harry Potter is only complete with his signature scar on the forehead, so do not forget to paint one.

Fire-Fighter Dude Costume

If you want to look like the hunk who is a savior of mankind then opt for a fire-fighter dude costume this Halloween to create some heat and fire around. Yellow side lower pocket pants with red suspenders just left loose at the sides will look great.

A muscled sleeveless T-shirt coupled with a fire-fighter helmet in red will make you look hot and happening. You can carry along a fire extinguisher to add the finishing touch.

Super Mario Costume

If you have enjoyed playing Super Mario as a little kid and always adored the character, then just go for it and don the Mario costume. Select a blue jumpsuit with short suspenders till the chest ending in buttons with a red round neck and full sleeve t-shirt.

Super Mario Costume

White gloves and a red cap with the alphabet “M” printed in the center will look apt. However, the Super Mario outfit is incomplete till you inflate your belly and put on the patent mustache. People of all ages will be in awe of your costume.

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Vampire Costume

If your plans are to haunt and scare the kids away at twilight, then rule in the vampire costume. The sky is purple and it’s time to show your fangs Mr. Vampire. Dress in a front ruffled high neck shirt and pant with a jazzy vest in a rich and deep hue. A satin cape with a high collar and white gloves coupled with a bling cane will look good.

However, the costume is still unfinished. Wearing and sporting good makeup is the key to a great vampire costume. Have dark eyes and red paint dripping from your mouth to represent blood. False teeth as fangs and long false nails are must haves to look creepy as a vampire.

Spiderman Costume

The signature Spiderman costume will make you look smart and stylish. A blue jumpsuit with a muscled figure will look chic. Red spider web graphics on the top, sleeves and boot covers will enhance the look.

Spiderman Costume

A red mask covering the face and head with the same graphics will be befitting with cut-outs for the eyes or transparent fabric to make you see. A signature spider on the chest will accentuate the outfit. So, use your spider sense and be that great web shooter.