5 Fun And Naughty Games For A Bridal Shower Party

Fun And Naughty Games For A Bridal Shower Party

Are you planning your sister’s or your best friend’s bridal shower party? Are you wondering how to make this day memorable for the soon to be bride? With the beautiful decorations, good food and special gifts don’t you want some fun galore in the party where the anxious bride can enjoy and de-stress herself? She is going to be among people she loves and is the most comfortable with which include close friends and family and hence give her the time that she will cherish and remember for a long time after she goes to a new home.

To make this bridal shower party a complete hit, make room for pure, undiluted entertainment that will add charm to this party. Here are a few examples of some games that can be enjoyed.

Games Ideas For A Bridal Shower Party

1. Jumble It Up

This is a simple fun game to start the ‘entertainment time’ of the bridal shower party. For this game, one has to think of a minimum of 20 words that you associate with Weddings. Now jumble up the sequence of the letters in the words and write them down on a sheet of paper.

Give each guest a sheet with the jumbled up words and set a time frame of two minutes. The one who guesses the maximum words in that time frame and unjumbles these words is the winner. Some of the examples for this game are Rings, Groom, Bride, Bridesmaid, Reception Vows.

Jumble It Up

2. A Wedding Housie

All of us love playing housie. It is one of the most evergreen games played in all the parties. However, one can add a twist to this game for a bridal shower party. Make fancy tickets for the housie with interesting shapes and decorate them beautifully. Now instead of those boring numbers, write down words that one can connect to weddings.

 A Wedding Housie

You could also write down words that are associated with the bride, maybe her favourite things or food. Tag the usual top line, bottom line differently. Some examples are given below Top line- engagement, Middle line marriage, Bottom line- honeymoon, Four corners- marriage vows.

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3. You Think You Know Her?

To enjoy the girl thing of giggling and teasing, this is a perfect game. Frame a questionnaire asking questions about the bride. You can also go a little naughty by asking playful questions about the bride and the groom.

As the main motive of this party is to make the bride happy, this game will surely get her all coy and will keep the smile intact on her angelic face. The one who gets the maximum answers right is the winner.

You Think You Know Her?

4. What do You Think?

Bridal shower is a time in the wedding when one has to shed all the inhibitions and can be really really naughty. Now because a bridal shower party is a strictly girlie affair, you can be comfortable and can tease the bride without her feeling too embarrassed. This game is going to be a lot of fun and will bring out lot of ooohhss and ahaans.

Everybody knows that when the bride and the groom are enjoying their courting period they learn a few things about each other and also spend some intimate and romantic moments. So, on a sheet of paper write down a few acts of love and ask the guests to write down what each act means to the bride.

The one who has the maximum common answers with the bride is the winner. To make it easier you can give 2 or 3 options. This game could be played with a little variation with the help of the groom and the bride can be the one to whom the questions are ask. Ask the groom what each gesture means to him and then tally it with the bride’s answers.

What do You Think?

See how the bride gets shy and blushes while playing this game along with the guests getting a wonderful chance to pull her leg.  Some examples are given below – What does a kiss on the forehead mean to you/groom? – What do you think the groom is suggesting when he holds your hand? – What will the groom do while walking with you on the beach?

5. Cooking It Up

Now it is a universal truth that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not help the to be bride with a recipe that she can cook her husband and win his love and appreciation. Now of course won’t it get boring if it is kept so plain? So here’s a naughty twist.

Keep ingredients like chocolate, strawberries, caramel and whipped cream- foods that evoke the feelings of romance and think of dishes that they can playfully feed each other. Come on! Help the sparks to fly between the bride and the groom.

Cooking It Up

The winner could be decided by taking the help of a male. Maybe someone from the family or if it is an outdoor party you could request someone to help you. Now all games are incomplete without prizes so hand over the winners goodie bags or cosmetics, lady stuff that all women will love to have. As a prize or a gift for the bride to be, guests can bring sensuous lingerie and nightwear to present the bride.