5 Fun and Exciting Themes For A Graduation Party

Fun and Exciting Themes for a Graduation Party

A graduation party is always very special and choosing the theme for it becomes very important. It is after all the achievement of your special one and celebrating it with a fun theme is definitely going to make this day a memorable one. There are several themes you can think of but before you begin to chalk out the plan it is important you consider the people you are inviting and their interests as well. A good venue is key as the venue itself can make the theme look good. Graduation party themes don’t necessarily have to be detailed and intricate, just a few things added here and there will make the party a hit.

Mentioned below are a few fun and entertaining themes that you could choose from for a graduation theme party.

Graduation Party Themes

Open House Theme – Simple Yet Fun

Open House Theme

A generally known and used theme for a graduation party is the open house. This is the most convenient theme, as you just need to keep your doors open for a couple of hours for people to come in and join the celebration rather than planning to get everyone together at a venue at a particular time. This is the best option, as many people may just have the time to come and attend the party for a few minutes and leave. For people ,who cannot spare too much time for the party, the open house is a great theme. Open house is simple, time friendly and fun.

Casino Set Up – Check your Luck

Casino Set Up

The casino theme can be both adventurous and exciting. Recreating Las Vegas can be thrilling. The roulette table, rolling the dice, poker etc can make this experience memorable. A dress code, some great music and sparkling decorations can make the ambience perfectly suited for the party theme. Some of the card games could be customized into fun elements from your college days, which makes it interesting and enjoyable. A few prizes for the winners will definitely excite everyone to try all the games. Casino Theme will be great, as it is sophisticated and entertaining.

Travel Theme – For Travel Aficionado

Travel Theme

If your graduate likes to visit exotic places and is not able to make time to travel, this theme will be a great treat. You can have maps and specialties of different places as the décor. You can request the guests attending the party to get gifts pertaining to the theme like a travel bag, books, travel guide, luggage, camera etc. Posters of places the grad has on her wish list of the must see places can be hung all over to make the grad feel special on the special day. Travel theme is certainly fun and intriguing.

Theatre Theme – Be a Show Stopper

Theatre Theme

For a graduate, who likes the fine arts and performances what can be a better theme than a theatre theme? Invitations can say something like “Dance till you drop” or “Come be a star”. The decoration could include a red carpet, which will make everyone, who is attending the party feel like a star. The graduation cake could be made to look like a performance award making our graduate the star performer. Some videos or clicks of the graduate performing during college days can be included, as part of the décor to add that special touch to the theme. Gifts for people, who entertain and lots of glitz and glamour can make this theme a great hit. Theatre theme will make you feel like a star.

Music Theme – Jazz it up

For a graduate, who has a strong inclination towards music, this theme will fit the bill. The invitations could read “Lets jazz it up” or “ Lets rock all night “, based on the preferred genre of music. Decorations matching the theme like musical instruments, posters with music notes and favorite artists can be included. Play music in the background, make a collection of the best in the genre and play it. The food menu could be chosen carefully based on the music, a little research could get you this. A graduation cake in harmony with the theme will be a great addition and can make the evening special. A music theme can never go wrong.

Music Theme