5 Fruit Tray Ideas For Weddings

Fruit Tray Ideas For Weddings

Fruit tray is an essential platter for any wedding reception. Fruits are readily available in the markets and are mostly affordable. These can also be served as great appetizers. Several convenient options are applied in order to arrange the fruit trays.

You can either arrange simple fruits on elegant looking plates or can arrange them in different artistic ways. You can either use innovative styles for cutting the fruits or can combine them with other tasty appetizers. Some of the fruit tray ideas are covered in the following article:

1. Fruits Served On Stylish Platter

Any kind of fruit will look good on a stylish platter. You can use different kinds of platters such as silver plates, crystal plates, wooden plates, dessert bowls, wine glasses, etc. as fruit trays. You can serve a variety of fruits like pineapple, mango, kiwi, water melon, grapes, pears, apples, passion fruits, strawberries, blue berries, etc.

Multiple fruits help to make the fruit trays look colorful. You can either serve them whole or slice them evenly. You can also serve mixed fruit pieces on mini tart bowls along with whipped cream or pudding. Fruits can also be stuffed inside scooped out water melon, cantaloupe, etc.

Fruits Served On Stylish Platter

2. Artistic Fruits Arrangements

Artistic ways of fruit arrangements can enhance the look of the fruit trays. For example, you can use seven different fruits resembling the rainbow’s colors and present them as a rainbow fruit tray. You can also pile them one on top of the other and form a pyramidal shape. Sometimes different fruits are cut and combined together in order to represent flowers, animals, plants, dolls and other animated objects. They can also be combined with other artificial items in order to design sceneries.

Artistic Fruits Arrangements

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3. Innovative Styles For Cutting Fruits

There are various innovative and interesting styles, which can be adopted for cutting fruits. You can curve various designs on fruits like water melon, pineapple and papaya with the help of your knife. The designs include floral designs, calligraphic designs, etc. You can even use your cookie cutter to cut the fruits in various shapes like heart shape, star shape, alphabets, etc. You should generally use hard fruits for this purpose.

Innovative Styles For Cutting Fruits

4. Various Ways Of Coating Fruits

Some guests may not like the plain taste of fruits and therefore, you can coat them with various flavors in order to upgrade their taste. Some of them include liquid dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, jelly, etc. All you need to do is cover the fruits with these melted ingredients.

Various Ways Of Coating Fruits

5. Fruits Combined With Other Appetizers

You can even combine plain fruits with other appetizers in order to make them even more delicious. These foods also help in changing the same sweet taste of the fruits.

Fruits Combined With Other Appetizers

You can use various ingredients like cheese (Swiss, Gouda, cream, cheddar cheese, etc.), chicken steak, meat balls, ice-cream, smoothies, etc. You can also use the same flavors for ice cream and smoothies as that of the fruits. The fruits along with the chicken, meat or prawns can be served on skewers in order to form cocktail fruit trays.