5 Fascinating Father’s Day Activities For Kids

Father's Day Activities For Kids Father’s day is a time to celebrate fatherhood and let all fathers know how special they are for their kids. Every kid looks up to dad like he is the superman of their lives. Dads often become idols and kids want to be like them when they grow up. So much admiration and affection for dad must be conveyed in the right and an exquisite manner.

Thus, to aid in planning out a few things for him this holiday season, we give you list of fascinating father’s day activities for kids.

Fascinating Father’s Day Activities For Kids

Making A Scrapbook

Since kids have a keen interest in craft, here’s one activity which will keep them busy in making something especially for dad. Kids can sit with old and new photographs of their fathers with them and cut them out in different shapes and sizes.


Stick these on a scrapbook with little notes and sayings and decorate the pages with small items available at home. Tie this book in a ribbon and gift to dad to make him feel special.


If dad loves gardening but hasn’t had the time to spend on his passion since a few months, this is the day to remind him of his love. The kid can arrange all gardening tools on a tray and cover it with a cloth.

Place a tag on it that reads Happy Father’s Day and position the tray in front of his bed. The moment dad is up and sees it; he will be thrilled and overjoyed to see how much the kid cares about him. The kid can then spend time with him in the garden while he is pursuing his passion.

Picking Flowers

The kid can specially go flower picking for his dad. He can arrange his favorite flowers in a basket and tie them with a curling ribbon. Then the kid can write a note for him mentioning how much he loves his dad or a little poem if he has good writing skills.

handmade bouquet

The note or poem can then be attached to the bouquet and gifted to dad. The irregular placement of flowers and the imperfection will definitely make the dad realize that it is a handmade bouquet by his little tot and it’s sure to bring great joy to him, this father’s day.

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Planning A Picnic

Dads are always almost busy with their tight schedules and hectic workload. They don’t get much time to spend with family. Hence, this father’s day it’s time to give dad some new and fresh memories with family.

With the help of mom or elders, the kid can plan out a picnic and arrange for everything required. Then inform dad about this by way of a greeting card with his morning tea. It will surely be one of the most memorable father’s days for him.

Lunching Out

Dads are always busy planning things for kids and taking them to their favorite joints and spots. In this routine, they often forget about the places they loved once upon a time.


Hence, the kid on father’s day can take his dad to his father’s most favorite restaurant for lunch and ask him to order his much-loved dishes. This gesture will bring tears of joy in his father’s eyes.